Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Home, glorious home!

It is really nice to be home. I loved loved loved my trip, but there is no place like home! I have a bunch of things to blog about, and even some pictures, but not a lot of time. There were so many wonderful experiences  there, but by far the very best was the time spent with individual people. What a blessing God gives us in friendships that surpass the world's timeframe. I am so happy to know I will spend eternity with certain people! Here are a few of them:



Kolbi, Jen, and I at a lovely lunch at the Gaylord Palms.



You may know her as one of the many Lisas on the WTM Boards, but I am now thankful to call her a friend! What a lovely human. I was tremendously blessed by her presence at the convention and am so thankful to have met her! Jen and I were wrapping up the convention at this point and we were quite worn out by this time. You can't tell that in Jen's face, but you can tell it in my own! I was tired! Too much laughter late at night brings dark circles in the day! :+)




This was our official booth on day one of the convention. We are still loaded with magazines (something we would absolutely run out of by the end of the last day!) Kris Price and her husband, Jim are on either side of Jen and I. As I have said in previous posts, they are tremendous people and amazing salespeople!


As I flew home in my supremely uncomfortable seat, I was hurrying the plane on to get home! I exited and almost ran to the area for "the public" since I was in the "safe zone." I saw my family at the bottom of the escalator and almost broke down. I was SO glad to be home! This is really what homeschooling is all about--it is getting to be with your family, all the time, learning together for God's glory. I was so grateful for the trip in so many ways; for the encouragement, the joy in friendships, and the amazing welcome we received while there, but most of all, I was grateful to return safely, to my precious loving family.


Thank you very much for your prayers!


ClassicalEducation4Me said...

I'm so glad that we got to meet you FINALLY in person! I enjoyed the excitement that our kids showed to us when we walked in the door to pick them up from my parents. You would have thought we'd been gone for MONTHS! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hi..this is my first visit to your blog. It's very pretty. I like all the art. And I saw your picture, and hope you don't mind if I wave to KOLBI....I miss her blogging a lot. Can't you come back to the blogging world Kolbi? My email is olordofmyheart@yahoo.com if you have a secret hidden blog anywhere, LOL!


MaggieHogan said...

But loved meeting YOU even more! You are a totally awesome woman and the time spent with you was encouraging and sharpening! Thanks for keeping me on my toes :-) So, what about a HSB convention???

Maggie* who dreams of being invited to speak in CA some day!

JenIG said...

didn't we have the *best* time?? i am so glad to be home, too, but i already miss you! Yesterday was the first day that i almost felt rested and back to normal.

KimMurphy said...

It was terrific meeting you at your booth, and further talking at the brunch. I could tell you and Jen were having a wonderful, silly time - aren't girlfriends great?! I'm just now getting to blog even the slightest bit about the convention, but you're right---it's good to be home! Blessings to you and your family, ~Kim

mrskbrook said...


It was great to talk to you on the phone last night, it really is a small world!