Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don't Forget Our Uniformed Soldiers!

The following story is not for children or for the faint of heart, or for those who do not wish to know what is going on in Iraq. We need to remember to pray for those serving over there. May God go with them!


'Life and death every day' for Iraq medics
By Cal Perry
Wednesday, May 10, 2006


His glazed eyes focused on an Army chaplain kneeling over him. There was blood everywhere.


A roadside bomb that exploded next to his patrol vehicle sent shards of metal into his body and catapulted him from the vehicle.


He, like so many of the gravely wounded soldiers in Iraq, was rushed to the 10th Combat Support Hospital, where minutes or seconds can mean life or death.


"Am I going to live?" he asked, in a pleading, rhythmic voice.


"Hell, yes, you are," replied Lt. Col. David Steinbruner, one of the doctors.


Moments earlier, the soldier asked the medics to keep his leg from falling off the gurney as they hurried him into the emergency room. The blast tore the flesh from the bone. His left hand was just as bad -- a "near amputation," according to one of the doctors.


Less than 5 feet away, a friend and fellow soldier lay dead, his body placed in a black body bag and zipped up.


"It's life and death, every day," said Lt. Col. Bob Mazur, another doctor.


These men and women -- doctors, medics and nurses, many of them just 20 or 21 years old -- have saved the lives of numerous servicemen and women who in any previous war may have come home in flag-draped coffins.
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