Friday, May 26, 2006

Day Number Two!

Wow, what a full day! There are SO many interesting people and things here! We met the nicest family here, the Mally's, who run Tomorrow's Forefathers. What a precious family full of kindness and beautiful relationships. They have what look like some really great books (two of which they gave us to review) called Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends and Before You Meet Prince Charming. Before You Meet is written by their daughter, Sarah Mally, and she is one sweet young woman. I encourage you to check them out because they are new to the homeschool market and I think they are most definitely worth our time. I always enjoy meeting vendors face to face because you can see so much in even a short time with them.


We also met some other new vendors, and one of them stood out to us as unusual. Allen B. Wolfe from Balancing the Sword was very interesting and the curriculum looks pretty amazing. I have not seen it too deeply, but you can check it out on his website. What I did see was that it was an extremely thorough Bible curriculum that really just delves into the Bible. What a concept! :+)


Jen and I had a really fantastic conversation with Christopher Klicka and he is truly an inspiring man. I also enjoyed a conversation with Dennis Gundersen, from Grace & Truth Books, and he has a new book out too! (So many new books!)


Jim Hodges (Henty Books on Tape) and his wife are here and they are two of the nicest folks. If you are in the market for quality, unabridged Henty audio books, look no further. We have a bunch of their newer MP3 titles to review!! (Can you tell I am excited?!) :)


I did wear much more comfortable shoes today--thankfully--because we did a lot of walking, chatting, meeting and greeting, and people are just SO nice. What is really the very best part of being here is meeting all the wonderful people I only know from the web and spending precious (and rare) time with Jen and Kolbi. We have had such a great time and some tremendous conversations, and LOTS of laughter!! What a balm laughter is, and we have had so much. Kolbi has been helping us so much and also helping Suzanne at the Peace Hill Press booth! They have had a ton of business with the trillion people here this weekend. Kolbi has been amazing and Suzanne is a complete darling woman. Kris and her husband are just absolute GEMS and are the most incredible people to have run a booth! I mean really funny, warm, sociable, and friendly. We are so blessed to know these people!


Our booth has had so many lovely visitors and we were blessed with really special time with Lisa from Ft. Lauderdale. I recognize her from my time on the WTM Boards, but it was by Providence that we sat at the same table for the Ladies Tea yesterday. She is a true sweet human and I am grateful we met on this side of heaven. 


Well it is getting LATE and I am quite worn out with all my socializing. Even an extrovert gets tired sometimes! See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Regarding your previous post about the Frenchman: What did you expect the poor man to use for cleaning his armpits? A perfumed hanky? His neighbor's sleeve? I think not. No, I think the alcohol wipe was a perfectly sensible choice given the circumstances. The alcohol wipe is a compact model of efficiency and cleanliness. It is at once disposable and sanitary. The right tool for the job.

I hope that helps.


Anne of GC

Trogdor said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I hate to imagine where he placed his "efficient" little hygeine-helpers when he was done with them.

SO glad I am not a flight attendant.


spunkyhomeschool said...

We enjoyed the Mally's book "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends". My oldest read it aloud to the others. Hope you have a great day!