Friday, April 07, 2006

Weekend Warrior Conference Goer

I am exceedingly happy and thankful to God for my husband's new job. He starts in a week. It is his kind of job--computer techy and challenging. I am proud of him for his ability to do almost anything and I am so very grateful to God for allowing him this position.


I am heading off to a local conference this weekend to hear Andrew Kern. I have heard nothing but great things about his uplifting talks and I hope that is the case. I have been really overwhelmed as of late and feeling quite under my abilities. I look forward to being inspired, and hopefully I will feel well through the whole event! I had plans to pal with a dear friend, and now I think I will expose her! I have been struggling with a sore throat and coldish-like symptoms all week. My children have all been under the weather (and it was rain and not sun!) I do look so forward to meeting Patty, another online friend. Were it not for the internet I wouldn't know half so many amazing people!


So, anyway, I do hope to have some inspiration for next week!





CreativeHomeschooling said...

Congrats on the new job!!! Hope it is every thing he expects and better!! :)

Jennie von Eggers



GalacticBlogger said...

Hi Mrs. Kessler! see you soon!


Anonymous said...

i Love you