Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Do you do posters in your home? We have an alcove in the kitchen where we have our "Learning Centers" --otherwise affectionately known as need-to-be-painted-areas.  We will be, God-willing, painting some time this year, but until then we use posters to fit the bill. We have learned a lot from those posters--more than I thought we ever really would. We currently have the Renaissance and Reformation poster still up when we have already gone through the Revolutionary War. Hmmm.... I think I am off on my dates! If you use posters in your home for learning, where do you buy them from and what kinds do you like? I look forward to some great finds!






ByHisGraceInColorado said...


This company, Rose Publishing has some awesome charts, posters, timelines, etc. They are very well done, all laminated to last a long time. Mostly Christian themes, but a huge selection. They are not cheap, an investment for sure, but very well done from what I have seen, Family Christian Stores here sells them.

Our needing-to-be-painted walls are covered with newsprint, and our Konos timeline right now. I guess I will have to photograph it, then take it down and paint! It also has a few posters and scripture verses. It works for now!



esperanzavallero said...

Dear Kate,

I will be up in just two weeks, try to save a time to get together. I am sad I am missing the Suarez visit, we are waiting on Eden's evaluation.

I would be interested in reviewing the vocab book. I am thinking of doing Prairie Primer next year. I have always wanted to and am running out of time with Emelie.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Kimberly said...

We do posters, too. I have a lot of them in my schoolroom/kitchen nook, pretty much covering the available wall space. I bought them from Rod and Staff-they have beautiful posters of leaves, minerals, birds, butterflies, etc.and are full size and lightly laminated. I like them so much, I even framed the leaf one and put it in my living room a couple of years ago.

At which OPC do you worship? We are members (still) at Monterey Bay OPC, even though we moved a while ago.