Friday, April 21, 2006

History helps, please!

OK, folks, I am asking all of you for your favorite post-Revolutionary War through the Civil War history read-alouds. Historical fiction or narrative biography is what I am really looking for. I have some great book lists, but there are so many to choose from that I would love some personal recommendations of "must-reads" that you would not do without for this time period. My oldest is eleven and I usually read to the oldest level of understanding.


What did your children enjoy the most? What did you find the most interesting? We recently finished The List and enjoyed it immensely! I need to find some other really engaging books to supplement our ever-fascinating Nothing New Press titles. We will be embarking on our journey with The Story of the Great Republic next week and would really enjoy some good stories to go along with it!



Joanna said...

Check out the free Sonlight catalog, a great source for book lists. Look at years 3 and 7-their American history titles. I'm sure you'll find some to try.

Anonymous said...

You stopped by my blog (ReformedEsq) the other day for fiction reading suggestions, so I thought I'd stop by and give more suggestions (for children's reading). I'm racking my brain, and nothing is coming up, but might I suggest the Library of Congress' website? They have a LOT of historical documents and likely art that has been put into their database. I just went, and Washington's papers from 1741-1790 are on their website. There is a LOT of stuff on the civil war. First hand accounts can be quite interesting.

And I can't think of any books that would illustrate this, but it's definitely important to show the stark contrast between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.