Sunday, April 02, 2006

Books for Book Lovers

A friend asked me to respond on her blog to a question she posed about finding good biographies. I spent quite a bit of time writing it so I figured I would repost it here with a few additions and changes that I thought of later! I hope you enjoy it!

What I have done is use several "book books." I have All Through the Ages for history, but I also use Veritas Press' catalog that has free reading as well as history titles listed by grade level. Then I use books like Books Children Love (my favorite) and Best Books (BJUP) that also list by grade and subject. I think that Books Children Love is probably available at the library, or you can make a trip to Borders or your local book store and flip through it.

The Book Tree by Elizabeth McCallum and Jane Scott was also recommended to me and is available at
Veritas Press too. I think it also depends on their reading ability. My oldest girls, 5th and 3rd grades, read anything from Nancy Drew for silly fun (older series-no junk in them) to Redwall, Narnia, LOTR, Warriors into the Wild books. (These may not appeal to all people, but our family likes and enjoys fantasy and mystery.) We do a lot of history read-alouds, many from Veritas Press, some from Bethlehem Books, that are historical fiction and my girls will read those on their own too. (Drums of War series, The List, I am Regina, Alone Yet Not Alone, Augustine Came to Kent, The Hidden Treasure of Glaston, I am David). My oldest is going to start Ivanhoe soon.

We also get biographies of people of their choosing from the history time period we are in (Revolutionary War at the moment and there are a lot of those people!) and they are both interested in various science books--although not too heavily! I also really like the biographical Beautiful Girlhood books from Vision Forum. They are an easier reading level and are colorful and inspiring.

Anyway, I highly recommend the "books on books" as they have helped me find books I would never have known about. (Wreck of the Zanzibar, Toliver's Secret, Princess and the Goblin, Princess and Curdie, Because of Winn Dixie-before it was a movie, The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day-William Tyndale historical fiction.) Then there are those companies, like Timberdoodle, that I learn from too. They sell these: Ten Girls Who Changed the World, Ten Girls Who Made a Difference, Ten Girls Who Made History and they were great. Those are most certainly biographical in orientation and my girls enjoyed them very much.

I have to say that I prefer to get my biography in the form of historical fiction and some writers are really good at doing that. The List is what we are currently reading (Veritas Press) and it has all sorts of real people mixed into a very thoroughly researched and well-written historical fiction book. They go into detail about living, medical procedures, food, clothing, behavior expectations, etc. It is fascinating. Alone Yet Not Alone is another all-time favorite. One of the very best is William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation, also available at Vision Forum.

Hope that helps!



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