Monday, March 27, 2006

Everyone Needs a Cheerleader!

I was speaking to an almost-ready-to-homeschool mom this morning and something struck me. She really needed to know that there were others like her who would persevere from beginning until the end. Now this lovely woman is an ESL teacher who has taught many adults to function in our American society. She is no dummy! However, she was intimidated by homeschooling. How many of us are out there who feel the same way? I have said before that I am no longer intimidated by teaching the first six years of homeschooling--it is the next seven I am fearful of! I know that with each additional year I teach my oldest it will not be so for my younger ones, but as I face every new year (and every higher grade in school) my fear of failure grows. Can I do it?! What if I warp my children?! 


I was trying to be this woman's cheerleader--yes, you CAN do it! You can teach your child to read, do his sums, enjoy learning, etc. You CAN because you are his mother and homeschooling is wonderful! And you know what; I believe that with all my heart. Homeschooling is a gift from God to those who choose it. It is impossible to understand that unless you are doing it. Yes, certainly we have our down days. Our darker-filled-with-frustration days, but the overall blessing of being with our children day in and day out is unmatched.


Those days that I feel the fear for the future I look to my friends who have been there and done it. I look at young ladies like Jen's daughter, Coie. I happen to know her personally and know the lovely young woman she is becoming. I happen to know that she really cares deeply for those around her and does things that are wholly unnecessary, but sincerely kind. I happen to know that she loves her Savior and her parents and serves those in her life. WOW! It happens! There are young people who have made it all the way through their homeschooling years to become amazing young adults. God is SO good to those who are faithful. Were her parents perfect? Did they do everything right? No. Jen and Geoff would tell you that it is by God's grace alone that she is as lovely a young woman as she is today. I happen to know though, that God worked through the broken people of Jen and Geoff. We are all broken and remade in the image of Christ. God uses us broken people to minister to His children and we are allowed to be a part of it at home in our schools.


I am so happy to be a mama and so happy to be homeschooling. Love love love those children and enjoy them. Thank you, Jesus!


SmallWorld said...

Being a homeschool cheerleader is the best sport around! It is wonderful to see the face of a mom who is encouraged by a veteran homeschooler--to see that light of understanding: "I really CAN do this!"

JenIG said...

you are such a sweet friend. thank you for posting this, i will show Coie and she will be very blessed. LOVE you!

Leigh2 said...

Hello! I just came across your blog and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it! :o) My oldest is in the eighth grade, and I am COMPLETELY intimidated by high school. I'm just trusting that God will get us through it.

frogiggie89 said...

Wow! I just now came across this post. Thank you! :):)

Did you notice we are both Flippery Fish in the TTLB ecosystem? Do you think that means something???