Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Accidental Ears?

“We can’t even tune up your balance with a crystal overhaul, let alone give you a new set of crystals, hairs and fresh jelly. So whadya think? Look at what we have here. We tie in the property of gravity with a network of nerves to send information to the brain. And then we program the brain so it knows what to do with those signals. Some signals are for balancing. Other signals are for automatic instincts saving us from a fall. Still other signals are for detecting sounds like music or a sarcastic tone of voice.


Folks, there’s nobody nowhere that can make anything like what you have already right inside of your ears. Now can you really listen to anyone tell you that your ears were made by accident?”

Samuel J. Alibrando

Nature Never Stops Talking


God is simply brilliant!


authorDonna said...

Oh I really like you. My dad lived on the Gaza strip right after God fulfilled the prophecy spoken of in Ezekiel 37:15-23. Having read the words and experienced the fulfillment in its entirety, he said there could be no other God than the one of the Bible. When combined with the miraculous creation of the human body, how can anyone in their right mind doubt?

spunkyhomeschool said...

My daughter and son just did an interview with Sam Alibrando for their e-zine. They enjoyed his book and getting to know him a little. His life is a testimony that God can use anyone for His glory when we obey. Thanks for sharing that quote.

esperanzavallero said...

I love your post about being a cheerleader. It is so hopeful when we see young people who are so talented and kind, even with occasional struggles. It certainly gives me lots of hope, and yes, let us enjoy those children.