Sunday, February 26, 2006

Four Generations Revisited

And here we are...



From left to right, that is my grandmother, my eldest daughter, my mother, my second daughter, and me. I know we are blessed to have so many generations in our family, and a rich heritage too. We started in 1841 and went forward somewhere into the 1970's. We were able to see the fruit of my grandmother and grandfather's labor in finding out when that part of our family came to America. On my mother's side I am Irish and German and now I know when we came here! What a tremendous history on both sides and exciting to see - in black and white - those who came before me and had a hand in my making.


We shared meals together, laughter, and some really good conversation. Life goes by *so* quickly. It is hard for me to comprehend that I am 35 and that my oldest child is 11 already. Where did that time go? It will not be much longer that we have four generations like this all in one place.  While I don't like to think about that, it is just simply the truth. I am so grateful for the time we had this weekend and it happens all to infrequently.


If there is one thing I brought away from our time it would be enjoy those you have while you have them. We looked at many pictures of my grandfather from the tender age of 10 here:


(Click to enlarge.)


to marrying my grandmother in 1942:



And then when I was pregnant with our fourth child, he passed away. Oh, how he is missed! Life is SO fast - we are but a breath from God - enjoy your family! Enjoy your children! Don't worry so much about the little things!


How grateful I am to God for giving me family.



Sweetie said...

What a neat photo! Wonderful memories you have :)

karenciavo said...

What precious memories you were able to share with your daughters :-)

Great photos!


sparrow said...

Such a beautiful family!!! Your oldest daughter looks so much like you - and you are gorgeous, dear.

What a treasure you have in those generations!

spunkyhomeschool said...

Beautiful pictures, memories and thoughts. thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of your girls in the heart shape. How do you do that?


UndertheSky said...

I edit the photo in Photo Draw and then click "Crop Size." I then "Crop by Shape." There are many to choose from and the heart is one of them.

Thanks for the kind words!



wrose said...

You are truly blessed, Kate, and even more so because your daughters are old enough that they will remember this time.

It's been a long time since the last of my husband's and my grandparents died, and we have no grandchildren of our own yet. But my guess is, I am much closer to your mom's age than yours... I will be 53 this year... and my eldest is 23. Who knows what the next couple of years may bring?

Mariel said...

I Loved our visit! I learned soo much and it was so fun ( and tasty ) at the Italian and British resterants! ( how do you wind that spagetti anyway ) And oh, I read that comment that said I look so much like you! I love it! And-this is kind of-well, interesting, but everyone is saying that I ( on the phone ) sound so much like you! ( and yes you are gorgeous, even though you won't admit it, but I'm like that to haha! )

Well, I gtg!

I love youuuuu!