Saturday, February 11, 2006

At just this time in history

There have been so many things running through my mind lately that it is hard to stay on track some days. A dear friend and I are speaking at a local homeschool support group in a few weeks to new homeschooling moms. I don't know about you, but when I first started there were so many things I feared and really didn't know how I would get through. HOW will I teach my FIVE children how to read!? Will I warp them forever?! Will they learn their math facts?! Will they know how to add and subtract, multiply and divide? What if I don't remember what a polynomial is? (Not to worry, folks, I didn't know and found it here - another helpful homeschool tool - the internet!)


Not only do we place pressure upon ourselves to be perfect, but we have outside pressures, family, friends, even sometimes the church or state. Thankfully, I do not really have that kind of pressure at all. But we do place pressures upon ourselves to conform to those around us, to conform to a certain system of teaching, to have a certain type of child. But what if our child isn't like that and does not work well within that system? Ahh, the blessings of homeschooling!


So many times I have seen questions raised about fitting the child to the book, well, I think the book ought to be fitted to the child. Teach that child, and not the book. How many times have I struggled to help one of my children to understand something only to end up frustrated because they didn't "get it." Well, in hindsight now, I can see that I was just trying to get through it and get it in their brains. That is not really teaching at all.


The fear of my child not "getting it" can be a powerfully negative thing. The fear is what is ruling me then - and ruling our homeschool. How is that helpful? It isn't. I think that is true in so many areas of our life where faith is involved. I have to have faith that my child will be able to read, write, balance their checkbook, hold an intelligent conversation - in essence to function in society - when at the age of 6, 8, or 10, they may be struggling with that specific concept. It is a weighty responsibility to be the teacher when so much is at stake.


What do I fall back on for strength during those times of struggle? Is it my frustration that propels us forward, that spurs learning and fosters growth? Hardly. It is our faith! Our faith that God created this beautiful child, at just this time in history, at this very moment, to struggle with this subject, to teach us both patience, wisdom, love, and the unique quality of each and every one of us. To reveal the depth of the power of what we are doing at home - meeting that child right where he or she happens to be.


I am involved in a very powerful and personal journey with my children, God is with us in every moment, teaching me right along with my little ones. His loving hand is moving in our lives. Please, God, help me not to miss your moments of true instruction!

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JavaMama said...

Awesome! What a blessing it is to be the teacher of your own children and lead them in the instruction of the Lord and in it be taught yourself in many ways.

Blessings, glad to hear that you are reaching out to new Homeschooling Mothers.