Sunday, February 12, 2006

Almost Outnumbered!

We humans are almost outnumbered here at the house of creative pets. Creative as in NOT owning a dog.  Nothing screams "work" and "extra money" to me like a dog, but nothing would make my eldest quite so happy either. Sigh. It is hard when mom just cannot do it all, isn't it? I hate having to say "no" sometimes when I know it would make them all so happy, but being happy isn't all there is, is it? Praise God!


We do have two celebrations this month, and no, I am not talking about Valentine's Day. We have two birthdays in our home, one for our Best Boy, and one for our second daughter. (You see, I can say "Best Boy" because he is, and he happens to be the only boy too, so it really works!) Best Boy, also known in family circles as, John Henry, turned seven last week, and Abigail turns 9 this Tuesday. This makes us odd. Odd as in we now have children with odd ages: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11!


So, back to creative pets. We purchased a birthday hamster for Miss Abigail today. She has named her Eowyn. She is peachy white and has a lovely stripe and sharp teeth. You can ask Abigail how she knows that. We also increased our crustacean collection with the three hermit crabs Fed-exed to us last week. They are appropriately named Henry the Navigator, Hercules, and Amethyst. How do we know if they are appropriately named? We don't, but we are good guessers! We have not been able to see if they are male or female yet, but yes, that is possible! They are really beautiful colorful creatures though, and very fun to have.


So, counting our cats, Merry and Pippen, we now have six animals. We have more pets than children!


JenIG said...

oh dear... i've already fed exed you one of gena's puppies.


ps your last comment made me and coie die laughing. you have no idea how much i miss you and your family

4given said...

I have had fun reading tidbits of your blog and appreciate your comments on mine http://god-willing.blogspot.com/

You have challenged me and I much appreciate your obvious heart for truth and the love for our Lord.

To Him be ALL the glory!