Friday, January 06, 2006

Good for him!

Navy surrenders: Chaplain eating
Hunger strike comes to end with OK to pray in uniform in name of Jesus

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The Navy chaplain who has gone without food for 18 days in protest of the Navy's policy encouraging "inclusive" prayers at public events says he has received permission to wear his uniform and pray in Jesus' name outside the White House tomorrow and will end his hunger strike by taking communion there.


Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt had said he would not eat until President Bush signed an executive order allowing chaplains to pray in public according to their individual faith traditions. Later, he said if the Navy would allow him to wear his uniform in public and pray in Jesus' name he would end his fast. Klingenschmitt told WND this evening he has received a letter from his commanding officer giving him permission to do so.
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May God raise up more men to stand for Jesus; to say enough is enough, I will not pray to nothing!


karenciavo said...

Thanks for posting this Kate. I lost track of the story and I'm glad to know that it has been resolved.

PariSarah said...

I love this line: "When you go to a command-hosted ceremony, that is not a 'divine service,'" Marks told WND. "That is a secular service."

When you have a secular service, to whom are you praying?