Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You know your day is doomed when...

You offer to baby sit for your friend so she can take her friend to the doctor. You offer thinking the hospital is filled with germs and why expose her two-year-old to that, right? Well, the day goes well until you see your youngest daughter getting red cheeks and she has not been outside and it is not terribly warm in the house. Hmmm you wonder - what could that be from? It goes from bad to worse when her eyes glaze over with fever as you are cooking dinner for your friends now. You rock her and she falls asleep in your arms. Unheard of unless she is exhausted. Oh boy. She wakes to a  stomach that rumbles and proceeds to evacuate her stomach contents onto your person. Hmmm. This was *not* what I had planned for today and I can guarantee you that it was not what my friend had planned for.


Thankfully my smallish person is well today. It must have been a quick bout, but I sure hope they are not blessed with the same quick bout on account of me!


Pre-sickness picture...



She is simply too squishy to be sick.



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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this ordeal. Tops on my list of things I don't want on me: anyone else's vomit.