Friday, November 11, 2005


I am very excited. Tonight I am going with a dear friend of mine, who is going with dear friends of hers, to see the new Pride and Prejudice! They are dressing up for the event as they are coming from a dance. I am not sure if I will be the sore thumb, and stick out in my normal attire, or if I will make an effort to "Dress Regency." It is, as some of my readers know, a great favorite of mine.



In any event, I heartily look forward to this - even if I am not so sure what to think of some of the acting choices. I have an open mind though, and will tell you what I think after I see it.


One way or the other though, I expect to be excessively diverted!




KimInOn said...

Post a review, Kate!

I hope you two went out for French Roast coffee afterward!

ServingHim said...

It won't be in our town until the 23rd so please post a review and tell us how you liked it.


Elaine <><

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to talk it all over with you!! I'm taking my girls tomorrow. ~Anne

Beth said...

I can't wait to hear more about it, and see it myself. I'm wondering if it will even come close to A&E's awesome telling. btw, I saw over at Gena's that you're looking for a "good Picasso"? My avatar is a Picasso, Mother and Child, 1904. So, I just thought to hop over here and let ya know, hth. Is that what you meant?