Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Striking Bible Gold Today

With all the theological chaff out there blowing in the wind, I find solid wheat in the posts of one of my favorite theological bloggers, Pyromaniac, yet again.


May his post, and his blog, make you think today!

Have you noticed how radically different the Bible's war plan is from the conventional wisdom of contemporary evangelicalism?


Nowadays we see book after book being published on ministry philosophy, church-growth strategy, and Christian leadership—virtually all urging church leaders to compromise, conform, accommodate, adapt, and adopt the language and thinking of the world. Youth Specialties and Zondervan (under Rupert Murdock's shrewd leadership) have built a major industry publishing how-to books that teach young pastors and youth leaders how to suit their style to the latest worldly trends.


I am frankly weary of all the self-styled experts who are telling pastors and church leaders today that unless they get with the times, tone down their message, adapt their methods to meet the worldly preferences of the current generation, accommodate their message to the postmodern dialectic, bone up on this or that academic fad, or otherwise adopt some fleshly strategy, the church will die or lose the battle for the souls of the next generation.


We've tried all those strategies for at least three or four generations now, and we're still losing ground. In our mad pursuit of "relevance," has anyone noticed that the church is becoming more and more irrelevant? All this accommodation to the culture is the very thing that makes the church culturally irrelevant.


We are supposed to be in this world but not of it, remember?

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