Saturday, November 19, 2005

In the reading hour...

I was on a blog the other day that listed all the books she had read over that year. It was on her sidebar and I will be doing that this year - I really like the idea. However, because I didn't do that this year, I spent some time thinking of the books I did read and came up with the following list. I am sure I have missed some because I did not keep a running list anywhere and I didn't blog about all of the books that I read, but keeping a blog *is* helpful for the books I did blog about!



Here is my list:


Basket of Flowers (reading)
Middlemarch (reading)
Independence (Drums of War Series)
Hawk and the Dove
From Basic to Baghdad
The Apprentice
Ink on His Fingers
Thunderstorm in Church
The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day
The Beggar’s Bible
The Summer of the Danes
Brother Cadfael's Penance
The Daisy Chain
Far from the Madding Crowd


Lorna Doone
Agnes Grey
Mansfield Park
Blackthorn Winter
Susan Creek
Sarah Plain and Tall
Caleb’s Story
In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer
Story of the Amulet
Wuthering Heights


I think it is pretty obvious that I have a certain like for a certain type of book! LOL. What are your favorite fiction books?




JavaMama said...

This is a great idea! I might have to steal it too. Ha ha.

Moms4Psalms said...

Hi Kate!

Have you seen the BBC movies "Middlemarch" and "Far from the Madding Crowd?"

I am re-watching Middlemarch this week. Great fun!


My top two faves are the A&E (6 hour) Pride and Prejudice and then Albert and Victoria...or is it Victoria and Albert (I don't own that one yet!).