Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have been so busy this week

I have not been my regular "blog" self. (Whatever that means!)


I would like to ask that you pray for the safety of my husband over the weekend and my friends who will be meeting for business and some fun down-home Tennessee time. He is in the air as I write and all prayers to our Great Protector would be so very appreciated.


Oh, and Jo, if you want to come to CA for a visit - this would be a great weekend...





Emmygirl said...

Hi my name is Emily and I really like your blog.

From Emmygirl

Anonymous said...

Oh (((Sweetie))). I was actually just about to send you an email because I wrote on my calendar that he was gone as of yesterday. ((((Kate)))))). It is SO HARD SO HARD SO HARD to have our husbands gone. Whenever mine is gone I am lost lost lost and feel like everything is empty. And of course the children are always total monsters when he's gone. So I'm thinking of you. Hugs,