Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Susie Tucker wrote this at her psychologist's suggestion. He encouraged her to express her anger after she read the Pocono Record May 2, 1996 column by Bob Groff, "Protests Continue over Physicals at Lambert School, but Why?" The letter was provided by Mrs. Paul Tucker to Pamela Hobbs Hoffecker on May 24, 1996.



How dare you call my family and I liars. The only liars in this situation are you and anyone else who believes you. My information is first hand information because I was there. Your information is second hand. If you were in that room, if you had to go through that torture, if you were so scared that you cried, your accusations would be against the nurses, doctor, and the school board. For your information, I would die before I would ever apologize; and answering your question why the protests continue, because I want justice, I want to stop the insomnia, the waking up at 2 a.m. and not being able to get back to sleep, I want to stop the nightmares, the feeling of being violated, I want to get my power back and most of all I want to give them my shame. So until you become a fragile, sixth grade girl and you have your rights taken away from you, you shouldn't accuse people of anything you know nothing about.

The real lesson of the East Stroudsburg genital exam incident
by Marshall Fritz

ON MARCH 19TH LAST YEAR, the day the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, 11-year-old Susie Tucker was asked by a school official to go the nurse's office. She was one of 59 sixth-grade girls at J.T. Lambert Intermediate School in East Stroudsburg, Penn., who were required that day to undergo a genital exam.


When asked to disrobe, Susie claims she told the school nurse that she wanted to call her mother to make sure it was OK. She claims she was denied access to a phone. The newspaper reports in the Pocono Record indicate that several of the girls cried and asked to leave, but that the exit was blocked and they were required to submit to an exam searching for genital warts and lesions. (The exam was performed by a female physician.)

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Can you not understand why Mark and I hold our right to homeschool so fiercely? We happen to have an eleven year old daughter. I cannot imagine the suffering and pain it would inflict upon her. Where have we come in our nation when this is acceptable? May God forgive us for allowing such treatment of our weakest members and may He comfort the now young woman who endured it. 




OurLittleHomestead said...

I have so MANY colorful comments I could share! Suffice to say, Kate...I completely understand your attitude to hold to our rights to homeschool our children, we are right there with you!

I CANNOT IMAGINE what in the world was going through this person's mind to literally make these children go through this....don't people have ANY morals or reality of WRONG DOING ? UN - BE- LIEVABLE. This is SO, SO so wrong!!!

We will be praying for Susie and her family.


sparrow said...

Amazing. As the article points out, the staggering thing is that the girls are still in the same school!