Friday, November 18, 2005

Daughter Gifts

It is a great and marvelous blessing to have daughters. I know that not all of you have such gifts, but are blessed with sons. I have but one of them and find them just as marvelous, but for tonight I want to write about my lovely girls.


We went to visit some friends this evening for dinner - just me and the children as their father is gone. When we returned home all three of the younger children were put to bed and promptly fell asleep. I decided to redeem the time and oh, what a blessing to *me* it was.  


I fixed some special holiday tea in the pretty china Daddy gave me years ago, lit our spicy fall candle and even our indoor oil lantern, turned the lights down low and brought out The Basket of Flowers. Many of you know what a beautiful book this is, but we are only learning.


I am so blessed with my daughters; so truly blessed! I thank God for them! There are so few times that we have these precious moments that I resolve in my weak human frailty to make them happen more often. With God's hand upon our lives we will. I have spent a little more than an hour of lovely time with two budding young ladies and I am the better for it.


Tea and time and a good book - life's moments with my precious children. My daughters are God's gifts to *me.*





Anonymous said...

Now you're just bragging!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I think it's quite selfish of you to keep all your lovely daughters for yourself. Doesn't God teach us to share what we have in abundance?? But OH NO, not YOU, you insist on being all selfish and not only keeping each and every little daughter for yourself, sharing with noone, but then you also *rub it in our faces*.

Great friend YOU are.




UndertheSky said...

Someday you too will have two lovely daughters-in-law. :+)

I knew you would love this entry! :+)

Love you sweet friend!!



I enjoyed that book. It was a blessing to me and my daughters as well.




You DO have precious daughters. I love them dearly. You and Mark have done SUCH a tremendous job with them all. I miss you so much, Kate!