Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Tiny Niece!

I would like to publicly welcome my sweet new baby niece, Laura Elizabeth to the world. My brother, Adam,  called on Sunday to tell us about her debut. She weighed in at eight pounds and twelve ounces! She is my first and only niece and I am tickled pink about her! Mama Wendy is doing well - we are so proud of you!!



It is a precious thing to have a new baby girl! Welcome, little Laura! You have a lot of love waiting for you at our house!


Anonymous said...

I know you are so proud of your beautiful little niece. What a sweet heart!

LammyAnn said...

My sister is named Laura Elizabeth.(www.lollychester.blogspot.com) Beautiful name and beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing! ;)

Donnabooshay said...

What a beauty!

When I named my daughter, Emma, my mother in law said to me, "Why couldn't you name her something nice like Laura?"

It is a lovely name :o)