Monday, October 03, 2005

Walking the Walk in Dark Times

My favorite fire-starter has posted a beautiful example of a life of true faith on his blog today.  It is a lengthy article, but a moving story and well worth your time. Here is a little to wet your appetite.

Herb and Ruth Clingen were career missionaries who retired in Southern California and spent the final years of their lives ministering alongside John MacArthur to the people of Grace Community Church.

During World War II, the Clingens were held prisoner in a civilian internment camp in Los Banõs, not far from Manila in the Philippines. It was a long and grueling ordeal.

Near the end of the war, as part of General MacArthur's successful campaign to liberate the Philippines from Japanese domination, the internees at Los Banõs were dramatically rescued in a dawn raid by American paratroopers. It was one of the most remarkable and heroic chapters of World War II history, but the raid on Los Banõs was neither well publicized nor widely noticed, even at the time, because it happened on the same day as the battle of Iwo Jima, and that event got all the headlines.

The rest of the story...


Thank you all for your responses below (and those of you who are still composing your "why" - I would love to hear them when you are done.) I loved the varied responses and the honesty in your statements. It is good to be among such wonderful people!




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10gal said...

for sharing this. I am from Los Banos and up to now a building used by the Japanese during the war still stands in the spacious campus of what is now known as University of the Philippines (formerly the agricultural college mentioned in this article). My husband and I are also members of the Grace Baptist Church which adheres to reformed/covenantal theology. I will share this article with the brethren back home.