Thursday, October 20, 2005

Voice of the Martyrs

I don't know if you have ever heard of this ministry, but they do powerful things for God's persecuted people in over 40 countries all over the world. There are times I have read their free newsletter and cried for the suffering of our brothers and sisters that goes on in almost every continent across our earth. We think we have come so far in today's society - that we have eliminated slavery and torture for one's faith. Far from it. Voice of the Martyrs is one of the few voices speaking up and providing help and comfort to the suffering. I encourage you to go there and sign up for their newsletter, and to pray with your children for those less fortunate.


Here is a sampling of some of their stories:


God's Most Beautiful People

Damare Garang - Sudan


Damare was captured by Islamic soldiers when his Sudanese village was attacked. Only 7 at the time, he was sold as a slave to a Muslim family. He became a camel boy even though he knew nothing about caring for them. His master enforced his learning with beatings. One day a camel got away. The master threatened to kill Damare for this mistake, but something restrained him. The next day when he found out that Damare had sneaked away to attend a Christian church in the village he became determined to punish this boy.


The master found a large board, several rusty spikes and a hammer and dragged Damare out to the edge of his compound. He forced Damare’s legs over the board and drove the long nails through his knees and feet. Then he turned and walked away, leaving the boy laying in the field screaming from pain.


A man passing that way heard Damare’s screams and sneaked into the compound and carried this boy to the local hospital where the nails and board were removed. A year-and-a-half later, Damare and the man who saved him were in a village that came under attack, and they were separated. After the defense forces managed to drive away the Islamic soldiers, Damare was left standing along. When the commander heard him speak, he realized that he was from the Dinka Tribe and took him back to their camp. After hearing his tragic story he tried to locate some of Damare’s relatives. When none could be found, the commander adopted the former camel boy and took him to his home.


Today Damare is 15 and lives in Mario Kong. He cannot run fast like the other boys, but he says he has forgiven the man who nailed his legs to the board. He knows that Jesus was nailed to a cross so all our sins could be forgiven. He asked the Christian children in America to remember to pray for the children of Sudan.


(VOM Newsletter, January 2004)


* Pray for Damare. He has forgiven the man who nailed him to the board but still bears the scars and handicaps resulting from the punishment.
* Pray for the leaders in this violent country that they may reach a just peace and end the civil war.
* Pray VOM’s projects into Sudan will be directed where God is leading.

House Church Pastor and Evangelist Arrested in Henan
October 4, 2005 

China Aid Association

Midland, Texas (CAA, 10-4-2005)—Mr. Ma Shulei, a full time house church evangelist, was arrested in Mianchi County, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, along with his 58-year-old father, Mr. Ma Yinzhou, who is a house church pastor.


September 26, 2005, Mr. Ma Shulei returned home from Yunnan Province to visit his father. Someone immediately reported this information to the police. When the police arrived, Mr. Ma Shulei was not at home. Therefore, the police arrested his father Pastor Ma Yinzhou, and forced him to reveal his son’s whereabouts. To save his father, Mr. Ma Shulei turned himself in October 2. However, his father was not released and both are now in police custody.


In 2002, Mr. Ma Shulei and his father were detained in Beijing for more than 40 days after a church leader’s meeting was raided by the police. Later they were put on probation and ordered to report to the police every five days. Instead of following the probation order, Mr. Ma Shulei went into Yunnan Province as a house church missionary. Mr. Ma Shulei graduated from a Chinese seminary in Myanmar in 2002.


“To hold the father in order to arrest the son is certainly a very harsh tactic to use against two innocent individuals.” said Bob Fu, “We urge the Chinese government to immediately release Pastor Ma and his son.”


VOM would like to encourage our readers to write a polite letter of protest on the behalf of Mr. Ma Shulei and Mr. Ma Yinzhou.


Embassy of the People's Republic of China
Zhou Wenzhong, Ambassador
2300 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
Phone: (202) 328-2500
Fax: (202) 588-0032

I frequently feel helpless when it comes to our suffering brothers and sisters. At least there is something I can do - and God hears us when we pray for them. May He bless Voice of the Martyrs and keep His persecuted people in His perfect peace.






JenIG said...

wow. that is truly amazing. i used to get their newsletter; i'll have to resubscribe since i've moved. this was a great post.

drewsfamilytx said...

Thanks for the reminder for those who are suffering in Christ's name! VOM is a great ministry and I know we can all make a difference even if we write just one letter a week. We get so caught up in our lives sometimes and take for granted the true freedom and blessings we have in this country...and that there are so many more important and eternal things we need to focus on and work towards.

God bless you Kate-- I really enjoyed your b-day poems...talk about making a girl feel special! :-)


divinegrace said...

I have heard of Voice of the Martyrs. I'm not sure if we get their newsletters though. Stories like this make you think about our own country.