Thursday, October 06, 2005

Poetic License...

When there is a birthday here at TOS/HSB, we send email greetings and often poems are created on the spot for that person. They are frequently silly and fun, but always appreciated. For my husband's birthday yesterday, these were sent to him. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


From Amelia Harper:


You may not be like Aragorn,
A king in fine array;
(except king of your castle home--
or so I heard Kate say.)


You may not be like Faramir,
Who was so wise and bold,
(although you may still wiser grow,
as you are getting old. )


But you're a hero to us all
In your own cyber way,
And so the Writers of the Mark
Wish you a joyous day.


From Nancy:


From Vacations in the Ocean,
To parties upon the land,
He's always doing cyber stuff,
It's written on his hand.


His wife's a lovely poet,
her tribute surely due,
This clever guy called Markiam
a web-ster oh so true.


So here we all are gathered,
from east to west and inbetween,
to tell him that he's special,
and stuff we really mean.


We're blest that he is with us,
and also when he's not,
His presence surely noticed,
My, he does a lot!


Thanks from this here blogger,
who learned some things from you,
enjoy your youngish birthday,
soon you will be old too!!!

From Susan:


He is not a tame lion and not a tame bear.

If you get in his face the fur flies everywhere.

From the headache of servers that will not behave

to the headache of froot loops that giggle and wave,

he's been dealing with bloggers who don't understand

why they cannot use everything found in the land -

as well as with counsel (not easy to do)

whose consistent demands would make anyone blue.

Let us never forget, when a-blogging we go

Mark is there, chasing bugs in the rain and the snow

so the site remains helpful, online and on top -

and we'd all be in trouble if his efforts stop.

Celebrate, with God's blessings, best wishes and cheer-

Happy Birthday, dear Mark - have a wonderful year.

From Deb:


I am so lame at blogging,
I need a good flogging.


But Mark has saved me from this fate
By being HSB’s Aslan the Great!


Thank you from the bottom of our posts
We appreciate you the most


For all the work you do for TOS
May you be rich text blessed.

From Jen:


Mr Mark
may it be told
your merry heart
grew never old.
Your precious wife and lovely kids
attests to the smart things you dids.


I have to agree with my husband when he said that by far the Silliest Poem Award went to our own dear publisher, Gena Suarez, when she penned this beauty:

Mark...Oh hark(en), Verily, Mark.
I am glad you represent the light and not the Dark.
I am glad you are not the Anti-Christ, he's Dark.
And your last name is Kessler, not Clark.
Our family has hung out many times with yours - in the park.

OH, hark(en), Mark. One who is not Dark.
Where contrasts go, you are "Stark".
Your wife says you are a Snark.
Your bite is worse than your bark.
I think in high school you would NOT have been a nark.
so all of that to say "happy birthday" Mark.

And you are so lucky to be married to Kate.
She is wise and pretty and likes to Wait,
For things...and stuff.
She does not Hate, verily no, she does not Hate.
She is your good mate. Rarely Late. Always Great.
You should be blessed to have Kate.

As you sit in the city with the men at the Gate.
The woman of the spoon, cup and Plate.

The one who scrubs your laundry and lives in your State.
And she will tell you Straight. Verily, everything Straight.
How did you catch such a fish as she? Was it the Bait?
Oh yes, what a Mate. It was Fate. Mark and Kate.


This last one made us laugh so hard - especially the part about sitting at the gate with the spoon, cup and plate. :+)


Isn't it wonderful to have such good friends?


I hope you enjoyed their literary gifts. We did!




karenciavo said...

What a talented group of friends you have Kate :-) And I learned something new today ~ Aslan is your dh! One of these days I'm going to read his helpful posts so I can learn how to be a better blogger (or at least add a picture and a link.)


MiraclesHappen said...

What a small world! I was browsing JenIG's post for the day and happened upon your site! What an irony that your husband is Aslan as I just posted today and have mentioned before what a stir his website caused with the addition of music! GREAT site!

So, ahem, a little something is in order for a birthday blogger (even if we are merely strangers):

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear Kate!

Happy birthday to you!

from MiraclesHappen, who read JenIG's post, and linked to your post and then clicked on your "husband's" post and realized I had already written about him in my own post today...whew...how can a perfect circle seem so complicated?