Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Celebratory Literary Genius

So much has happened in just the week since I visited here last, but I will have to save it for another time. I had a lovely day full of birthday poems from my fellow TOS folks, and wanted to share them with you. It makes a person glad of heart for such friends. Some of these are sweet and special and some of these are real doozies - like Gena's below! I hope you enjoy the levity as I did - it sets the heart to rightness I think.


By Julie
I'm almost afraid
to get in on this
but kate, i hear
is full of bliss
friend to many
lover to Mark
none can compare
to this Kate's spark
one day i'll meet
this Kate they say
is nice and cheery
and likes poetray
until then i'll leave
this birthday delight
and hope you had
a good day and night!




By Deborah


Our Darling Kate
Champion of the Lab

Your contests are great
And your hard work is fab

Our Product Review Queen
Is due her crown

Her schoolroom is clean
and her knowledge astounds

Her children rise up
and say she is blessed

We all raise our cup
And toast with the rest ….

Happy Birthday dear Kate
May your day be unstressed



By Dena


There once was a woman named Kate,
Who had quite a lot on her plate
Watching over her crews
Keeping up with reviews
On this day she deserves to sleep late!



By Mel


Before I read any further
I’ll just say my piece
Happy birthday, fair Kate,
Here’s a birthday squeeze. 
(A hug, really…
But that didn’t rhyme
And I know I am lousy today
But I’m running out of time
I’m late,
I’m late,
For a very important date.
Well, flight. 
Well, trip to Gramma’s so I can
Catch my flight tomorrow
And I’ll be in CA by you,
Well, hours away,
So I can’t come play
Now what was I saying?
OH YEAH, happy birthday Kate.
Dear fair lovely Kate
Who stands up for single moms heehee.
Love ya!



By Eleanor


Hey, Happy Birthday Kate
So glad I’m not too late
To join the merry fray
Of really bad poetray
From all your friends at TOS
Who truly wish you all the best
Today and all the time
Now I’ve run our of rhyme
So I’ll end
And send
This note
I wrote
To Kate
The Great
(Who caused such a spate
of mail in my box.....)




By Lisa


Happy Birthday Kate,
to rhyme, I hate.....
for you I shall,
as you are a dear pal......
-- that's as good as it gets.......
*banging my ale on table, cheers to you!*




By Nancy


Kate is gracious,
Kate is kind,
Even though I'm
Three reviews behind.
She's never nasty,
Or even mean,
even when deadlines,
remain to be seen.
She likes sweet things,
like scones and cream,
but doesn't sound English,
on the phone, I mean,
But she's thoughtful and caring,
and pleasant, not sparing,
her prayers for her friends,
they flow without ends.
I hope she will feel blessed,
and never a bit stressed,
by life as it is,
in the thick of this biz.
God Bless you on your special day, Kate!!!!




By Gena


During Byzantine rule,
There was a fool,
Who roamed the land,
Looking, oh yes, seeking, for a lady’s hand.

A woman of beauty,
With power of persuasion,
A woman who could beat a drum,
Who could invoke an invasion.

A man on the moon,
Looked out across his crater,
There was no water, no, none at all,
So he sought out a wife, one that was tall.
For a tall wife could dig wells,
Deep ones…and stuff.
She could find water to quench his thirsty ground.
Where can a woman such as this be found?!

A king like no other,
In the land of the Amazon,
Looked for a kind lady,
And was lucky to find a large one.
She was big, and husky and took him into her lair,
What a woman this was! Are these still around? Where???

So you see, it is hard,
To find a true wife,
One that is sweet and lovely
And who won’t stab with her knife.
Where, oh harken where, could you find,
A woman that won’t use her knife?
Who won’t stoop to strife?
Who would lay down her life?
And does not look like Barney Fife.

That would be KATE
The fairest of them all….KATE.
OH how does she rate? Tell me true, how does she rate?
I’ll tell you, since I know how she rates.
I’ve visited her gates.
I’ve seen her on dates.
I’ve heard what she states.
I’ve watched her on skates.
I’ve eaten off her plates.
I’ve helped her lug crates.
Together we’ve met freights.
Me, with Nancy Baetz.
Oh, I know Kate’s traits!
Her nerves, I do grates.


She loves her good man,
His name is not Stan,
The marriage is not bland,
I must make them flan. Oh, harken, I must make them flan.

She uses her pan,
To do good in the land,
To fix food for the man that is not Stan,
Or the man that is not Dan.

There is never a ban,
On necessities like a crayon.
She reaches out her hand,
To all global children, and the poor…and stuff.


And she is smart and wise and steady,
Always standing ready,
To help people and that sort of good thing, yes. Indeed she helps.

And assists. And lends a hand.

And I really like this poem, because, it’s um.
I like birthdays because I get to use my talent
For the good in the world. And the cultural diversity that makes us ALL special,
We all share in this good land. Kate’s good land.


With, MARK, her good man.

Happy birthday to KATE KESSLER,

one of the best friends I am lucky enough to have.
We will not break out the golden calve.
That would be wrong. Improper and incorrect. Idol worship is NOT RIGHT.
But we will CELEBRATE with you this day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!





By Jen

Kate the Great
Where do I start
My Dear Dear Friend
The Friend of My Heart
You make me laugh
You make me think
I have sandy soap
So I shan't Stink
I wish for your birthday
I'd have something to rummage
If I had some money
I'd buy you new luggage
If I was in Cali
We would really celebrate
But alas I'm in TN
So like why don't you move over here why don't cha?
I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that God made you.  I truly cherish your friendship immensly. love you!
PS i blogged about you in your honor
(And so she did...)




By Spunky

We come to celebrate
The birthday of a Kate
You are special to us
We celebrate this day
With poems that try and say
You are special to us
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday




By Susan

Happy Birthday to Kate:


I know a lass whose joy and cheer


keeps people smiling through the year,


Her business skills and writing soar -


we cannot help but cry for more -


and yet, to us, she's more than this,


than articles or business,


She's friend and mother (also wife)


to soothe the wounds and calm the strife.


Which ain't to say that she can't hang


with all the fruity-loopy gang


for when we're at our fruitiest


our Kate is right there, in our midst


with barbs and arrows so well aimed


they'd make an archer feel ashamed.


And extra credit goes, you know,


to spouses of I.T - and so


with joy and love we celebrate


the birthday of our blessed Kate.




Ode to Kate
by Amelia Harper

There was a girl named Susan Spann
who ran and ran and ate some flan.

Now that I evoked some Suess
like Gena's poem, there's no excuse.


So I can now, at last, discuss
my darling Kate, who's one of us.


For though she is not Byzantine,
at least she's very, very clean.


She hardly ever causes strife
or ever acts like Barney Fife.


To Mark, she's "sweetie"; to me, she's Kate.
She does not scream when reviews are late.


And though she rarely is alone,
she really can concoct a scone.


She understands my Elvish ways,
and when I'm down, with me she prays.


Her taste in music is absurd.
(But then, she thinks I am a nerd.)


Shall I compare her to a summer's day
and evoke some Shakespeare on the way?


Her children rise and call her blessed.
(A Bible allusion--I've passed the test.)


But now that I have reached the end,
Happy Birthday, my lovely friend.




All that really nice stuff, well they had to put that in there because it was my birthday. Take it all with a grain of salt.  Birthdays are for fibbing, right?


There are blessings in life, and then there are blessings. I have been given a rare gift in my friends. I am not unaware of it and thank God for them all. Most of these funny ladies I have never even met in person, but all I consider honored to know. Thank you for making my birthday week a special one.






Donnabooshay said...

What fun and fabulous poems. What a fun group of friends!

The friends that God gives us are the best of friends!


wrose said...

Wow, Kate! It sounds like you had a pretty special birthday -- and you have a great bunch of friends!! Isn't it wonderful to know you *will* meet them all some day?

BTW, I've tagged you over at my other blog... http://www.wrose.blogspot.com