Monday, September 12, 2005

Pictures and Thoughts

They are not pictures of mine this time, the ones that move me. They are the ones of the elderly victims being helped or comforted by the military.  (Found here under the listing of "Emergency Triage.") I keep wondering to myself about all those elderly kept in the nursing homes that lost their lives. I keep wondering where all their families were. I keep wondering where this man's family was - why was he alone? He is, of course, one of the lucky ones in that he still has his life, and a caring military to help him. The face of the Staff Sergeant clearly showed how much she felt for this elderly man, alone and scared.


How many children are lamenting the day they put their parents in the nursing homes? What has happened in our nation when it is considered the norm to place our needy parents in a nursing home? I am not talking about those that need special medical care - sometimes that is just unavoidable - and sometimes we cannot provide the care they need at home. I am talking about our heritage, about honoring those who came before us; those who bore and raised us. Where is the honor they deserve? There have been so many pictures of the frail and dependent and many left completely to themselves. Abandoned. Where is the honor to father and mother? It is Godless.


I have a dear friend who cares for her mother on her property. She honors her, and serves her - all in the midst of a very busy life with children and homeschooling. She is faithful! She is showing her children that generational honor is essential. Is it always easy? Is it always convenient? I doubt it. Is it sometimes painful and scary knowing that her mother is not well? I cannot imagine it! But what a legacy she is leaving for her own children! It is an honor and a privilege to know her, and to see the blessings that have resulted in her choice to serve her mother. It is a blessing to me to see her living faithfully to God and serving her mother. She is a witness to the world.


I wonder where I will be when I am old and dependent. I hope that I will have trained, loved,  and served my children in such a way that they will look with shame upon the idea of abandoning me. I hope that when my mother is frail that she will allow me to help her. She is a stubborn woman sometimes, and we do not see eye to eye on everything. I can see her being so in this situation! I pray that God will help us all when that time comes, with grace, forbearance, and His love.


My He be with the man in the picture that so moved me today.





spunkyhomeschool said...

I have told my children there are three things that I hope of my children.

1. They become a Christian

2. They marry a Christian

3. They never put momma in a nursing home.

With 6 children that means I stay with each child 2 months of the year and then they can rotate me to the next house and I won't feel hurt.

Anonymous said...

You have such a great heart, Kate.