Monday, September 19, 2005

Our first dance...

This was the first song we danced to as a married couple. I just loved it. My mother and her husband had taught us to waltz, and while this song was not exactly that, we did not look silly when we danced together. It was one of the highlights of my day and a fond and special memory.

I Wear Your Love: Kathy Mattea

The things I've collected, bought or selected.
The clutter that fills up my rooms.
I can lock up and leave it, never retrieve it.
Leave nothing but my love for you.

    Let the storm winds blow.
    I will not be cold.
    I wear your love.
    Thrown over my shoulders like a blanket of down.
    I wear your love,
    Like a bright suit of armor reflecting the sun.
    On the chilliest night, though I travel light,
    It is always enough, for I wear your love.

The rest can be found here if you want to read it. I want to be careful about copyright! :+) Kate



sparrow said...

I've been trying to leave a comment here for a week - and no luck. Something strange with my computer no doubt. Can't even remember what I wanted to say, something about yes, your friend who cares for her mother is amazing...happy belated bday to your sweet girl...cute cat...nice song....you get the idea. :)

Have a great week!

kennykpark said...

love that song. we didn't dance at our wedding, but did throughout our courtship ... to 'Asking Us To Dance' ...

Donnabooshay said...

Have you heard Kathy Matea's Christmas Album. It is fantastic!