Saturday, September 24, 2005

Clash of Time

I was thinking this week, as I was watching the history channel, just how very different our time is from the past. It is hard to understand the difference just 50 years makes; or 100; or 1,000. We tend to think we are so ahead, so much better, so much more advanced than our predecessors were. In a lot of areas, but I am just not so sure.

Am I thankful for the amazing changes brought about in the last 100 years? Am I thankful for electricity to my home, my computer, the telephone, cars, hot and cold water to my faucets, my washing machines, and my quirky dryer? You bet. No question about it. Would I want to live in another time when these things were not available? Well, sometimes I think I would, but I fear I would not be up to the challenge. People seem to have been different to me - moral in a vastly different way. Perhaps it was that those things which were immoral or clearly wrong, were viewed that way by the general public, and not accepted as right living or a great choice for one's life.

I am a political and theological blog reader. I read many different blogs, but the two I link to are some of the best. I cannot read them all the time, or every post, but enough to keep myself aware of what is going on in both the political and theological blog worlds. Some things go well beyond shocking to me; as in "How can this exist in our world - how can it be tollerated?" The total depravity of humans seems painfully and horrifyingly clear. Some things, just come off as absurd, sad, or just really really ODD. How can we as a nation be *so* terribly divided?

I understand how we as a people can have fundamental differences as individuals with regards to political matters: economy, world affairs, investments, welfare, socialist vs libertarian, etc. I "get it" on those issues - how we can really differ. Americans have long differed in such areas. My greatest sadness, other than the knowledge that some of those I love do not know the Savior, is that we as a nation, and people of the world, do not have the same mind for Life. Life, at its core, should be sacred to all. Christian or not, shouldn't we all have the same thinking on Life? How can there be such a divide when Life is at the core of it all? How can so many just not care? Or worse, embrace the reality of death in such a wicked way? How can it now be considered right thinking, a morally right choice, to rip your child from your own womb; bloodied and torn into pieces? Does the world not know that a holy God is watching?

How can we have changed so very much in so little time? Or am I deluding myself? Haven't we, in just 50 years, changed as a nation? Hasn't the world changed in this view? Didn't we once believe that life was sacred? How can God stay His holy hand for long?

A grievous and terrible wrong - that we fight over in congress as if it is no more than pork barrel spending on a local bridge. I read the news, I read the blogs, I see what is happening to our splintered and bleeding nation. We need it to change - we need God to cause the hearts of our nation to be regenerated - to see a reformation. We need God's truth in our land and in our world. May it be His will, and may our prayers remember it.


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