Monday, August 08, 2005

To be or not to be...

Some days it is so rewarding to be a crafty mom. I am not nearly crafty enough for my children's pleasure, but today we were! Enter stage left... good old William Shakespeare. We are finishing up the Renaissance/Reformation with Good Queen Bess (also known as Queen Elizabeth I):



 and dear old Will.



We used the above Treasure Chest (that just happens to be on clearance sale) and had a ball printing our own play posters with the replica sixteenth century printing set. We were all stars of Romeo & Juliet and didn't even have to remember our lines! My girls were pretending to be printing apprentices to Gutenberg in light of our recent reading, Ink on His Fingers. It was quite humorous to hear them chattering about not pleasing "The Master" with their work. Historical fiction does its secretive work yet again!


We are heading into American History this year for the first time and look forward to it very much. At the same time though, I would not trade our time from Creation through Reformation for anything! It has been wonderful to learn of the amazing ancient cultures and all their strange customs, lifestyle, dress, and religions. People have always been fascinating, and those that came before will always influence those that come after. This was even more so during the tumultuous Reformation time period. What a blessing it has been to meet some of these remarkably brave and inspiring people. Would that I had their abilities!


We look forward to learning of the men and women that forged a life for us that we enjoy today, here in our own land. We want to know these people and to know our history, and we look forward to it!






spunkyhomeschool said...

You're making me feel guilty. I haven't done anything crafty or creative in a while. We did bake home made pretzels the other day. does that count?

underthesky said...

I have only once tried to make pretzels and that experience was not listed in my book of Mom's Greatest Moments. :+)

You crafty clever gal,

:+) Kate