Monday, August 01, 2005

Prayer for Abigail



We just returned from the chiropractor and she is just fine! She was WAY out of alignment and needed a few adjustments, but she is now walking completely normally and I am SO glad! Praise the Lord!





Hello all,


I would like to ask for prayer for our daughter, Abigail. She has displaced her hip or subluxated it, and we are taking her to our chiropractor today at 3:00 pm, California time. Please pray that it is something minor and that he can realign her again without any trauma. We have every confidence in our chiropractor as we have seen him for upwards of nine years and he has always been gentle and kind and especially so with children. He has always been very helpful. I just ask that God have His hand upon both the doctor and Abigail and that there will be no bigger problems.


Thank you for your prayers!



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karenciavo said...

I missed your post yesterday. Praise God everything is o.k.