Sunday, August 14, 2005

Marvelous Maven and Wonderful Words

I am a lover of words, word origins, and words that we no longer use. I just love them! I love to read them in books and pick up their meanings because of the way they are used. I didn't always know what a trencher was, or a flagon, or a noggin, and I didn't know that people wore drugget; did you? But this great site helped me with all those funny words. Sometimes I wonder what words our great great grand children will think are amusing or odd when they read our blog posts from 2005 - should they be around by then! I imagine I will be viewed as a rather odd gal myself.


In honor of a dear and wonderful woman I love, Amelia Harper, I am posting here a poem that our very own Jen Ig wrote for her. I just loved it! I hope you enjoy it too.

The brilliant glow of an Elven dawn
Vividly blushes its glory upon
A poetic soul with thoughts to inspire
A deeper journey in respect to the shire


And so this day of Mia’s arrival
We gladly visit her friends for awhile
Those Hobbits and Thinguts; those Elves and Lords
Of Rings and Kings and Daggers and Swords


The flutes! The harps! The drums! now begin           
Trumpet the joy that we have in our friend
And thankfully praise the One who’s brought
This assembly of comrades, I bless the whole lot

Happy Birthday to you, Amelia, my wonderful elven friend!




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RedHeadRyann said...

hey mrs.kessler,

we need to get rid of our chickens, you want em? Free! they'll feralize you lawn...