Thursday, August 25, 2005

Classical Christian Homeschooling Boards

I am reposting Christine Miller's recent blog entry regarding her forums because I think they can be really valuable to those of us who Classically homeschool, or who use her curriculum. I encourage you to go to her boards and ask away! I for one would be happy to see this become a thriving online community. I just love her books and think she has a lot to offer the homeschool world.


Call for CCH curriculum questions
posted Wednesday, August 24, 2005 :: 2:29 PM

I am building a question and answer database for every book, book series, or curriculum recommended on the CCH website; which will be available to all visitors once we get it in working order. If anyone has a burning question about any curriculum recommended on the CCH website, please post it in the Curriculum Forum on the CCH Discussion Board.

Please start a new thread for each book, titled: CCH CURRICULUM QUESTION: *title of curriculum*; (this will help me find the questions, LOL) and in the body of the post, ask your question. 

My project this fall and winter (besides finishing The Story of the Ancient World) is to answer as many of these questions as possible. And the CCH webmaster’s project this fall and winter will be to post the question and answer database on the CCH website linked to each curriculum title. Yay!

Anyone who has used the curriculum in question and has ideas or suggestions, please also post your suggestions and comments in that curriculum’s thread on the Discussion Board! And anyone who has saved the discussions from my old CCH e-mail loop from years ago or who can find the archives on the Internet, please post those answers too!

(If anyone has a link to those archives, and would be willing to send it to me, I would be so grateful. I have already answered most of the curriculum questions once in that e-mail loop, but still homeschooling my children and writing the website and the Guerber histories, I wasn’t able to keep track of everything and have no idea how to get into those archives these days, or even where to look for them!)

Thank you!!

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