Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A New Week!

Praise the Lord for good health! Thank you all for your prayers - we needed them! We are all healthy (I think anyway) and it is so very nice to feel like a human again. (Albeit a human in need of some coffee!) We had a great weekend as a family with a very kind and wonderful gift recently given to us. Five tickets to Marine World! While there I think we visited every continent via their varied animals. It was truly wonderful. There was an indoor butterfly garden with kinds from all over the world - some we would never see otherwise. Then of course there was a marvelous Killer Whale, Shouka, that did her duty to soak us through.

We were really wet! The children thought it was great fun. We got to feel a stingray - and that was really something. They are like squishy jello and very very soft. We watched four sleek dolphins and got to engage with a friendly walrus! It was really something wonderful. Of course Daddy and the children enjoyed a few chosen roller coasters, and we came home with three new T-shirts. It was a true blessing to have the gift of the tickets!  


It was also really wonderful for ME to get out of the house that has been a den of various sickness for so long. It was a wonderful much-needed family rejuvinator for us all. I realized again how very much I love my children, love teaching them, love being with them all the time, and how precious our relationship is. It was the perfect beginning to our new school year. God is SO good to give us those jump-starts when we need them so much. I look forward to this year and our new school schedule.


On Sunday Daddy brought home a baby polydactyl! Nope, we are not the proud owners of a new dinosaur, but of another kitty! She just has more than the normal toe count for a cat and hence the name. I just loved the term and really thought it sounded like a dinosaur! She is very brindled in black, brown, tan, and cream and has a stripe down her nose. She has six toes on each of her front paws and looks like a baby panther.  We have named her Pebbles because she looks like a riverbed. We hope she and Pippen will be good friends, but at this point he is pretty skeptical!


Have a lovely week now!



ByHisGraceInColorado said...

I wondered what the "naughty kitty" comment was all about. I love polydactyls! I even knew what it was before you explained it. Of course, being a cat lover that I am and all.........but I was hoping you would post a photo. Soon?

And I am glad you are feeling well. Stay well, ok???

love, Nancy

spunkyhomeschool said...

Marine world sounds like alot of fun too! BTW I was updating my RSS feeds and it would be helpful to those of us who use them to have yours available. If you put the link on your sidebar I and others can read your blog alot easier.

underthesky said...

Spunky - I think I did as you asked on the side! :+)


spunkyhomeschool said...

I just noticed. Yeah! you will be so much easier to keep track of now.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the Orca leaping. I was born in a tiny hospital that overlooked the very place the first killer whale was caught, but now they aren't even allowed to have killer whale shows in that province any more, which is a shame. Too many extremists there. Perhaps we'll make it to Marine World someday.

<a href="http://karinkydland.blogspot.com">Karin</a>

Cornflower said...

there is a poem I just made up and I think its kinda funny.

well going to a difrent matter... your tagged!

go to my blog and you'll see the poem and the other entry that I tagged you.