Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Water Play

On the weekend of the fourth of July we visited my aunt and uncle's home on the river. It was a wonderful weekend of water play in all forms and I thought I would share some pictures of our adventures (and adventurous children!)


This is Hannah taking the plunge following Abigail's jump.



This is John Henry being brave and jumping with Daddy!



After an accidental fall into the river (with her lifevest on of course) this is Emma's choice of water play:



This is some bumpy boat time with Nanny, the honored matriarch of the family, and the children's great grandmother:



This is Elizabeth after the bumpy boat ride!



This final picture is of our very own smiley Spiderboy. He wishes he too had been born a spider.

Protecting and defending ...

the cereal.




sparrow said...

Great pictures. I have a spidey-boy too, thank goodness.

nnjmom said...

I have so many pictures of my son in that exact same pose!

Donnabooshay said...

Your Nanny looks so sweet!

Ready for some family fun and a boat ride!

Makes me wish our children had grandparents!

My boys had Superman and Robin pajamas. I let them run around the neighborhood in them...the neighbor boys had them too.

Such fun to be a little boy in superhero jammies :o)


JenIG said...

your family is so incredibly beautiful. Those are super pictures.

love you!