Saturday, July 30, 2005

The results...

of camping are not nearly as high on my list of  "let's do THIS again soon!" Let's see, we started off pretty well, and then the 2.5 yo found the poison oak. She thought it would be so fun to play in it. She was wrong. She endured a vigorous wash with Dawn Dishwashing liquid (cuts the oil of the poison oak) and a serious wash-down of cold water. She was not very happy about either of those things, but she didn't get poison oak!


We had a lovely campfire Thursday night with great conversation and a lot of laughter, roasted s'mores, and enjoyed each other a lot.


Two of my children awoke with headaches and John had a fever that lasted most of the day. We were able to enjoy the lake and all the children except for John spent hours in the water. He had the glazed look that comes from feeling like a dead fish, and his eyes were pretty droopy and sad. He went to bed before dinner and stayed there all night. However! The night was not to be without its excitement. Our oldest dear daughter woke up and promptly shared her stomach's contents with her sleeping bag, her pillow, and her clothing. She was quite miserable, and we were not too joyful ourselves, but helped the poor dear thing to clean up, tossed the pillow, gave her a fresh sleeping bag, and helped her back to bed. For much of the night she dry-heaved. We woke up, packed up, and came home.


This was not like our previous camping experiences! We have never had this happen, and have almost always had stress-free camping (well, maybe that is a misnomer - stress-free camping - there is no such thing for a mom!) But I think you know what I mean. Normally we have lovely family times that are very precious. This just was not that.


It is NICE to be home, it is NICE to have air conditioning, it is NICE to have running water, and it was REALLY nice to have a shower.


Our middle daughter is having trouble walking correctly - I think her hip is out of joint or something. She was in pain last week and it was out of whack. She is no longer in pain, but is not walking normally. It is very unusual and if it is going to happen to anyone, it is going to happen to my sunny, wild girl. If you think of her, please pray for Abigail; we would appreciate it so much!


Happy end of July - I am glad we are home.





homespun9 said...

Oh Kate, we have a lot in common, I'm afraid! After years of successful camping, we had the Vacation from Hades this past spring. It was *awful.* I finally broke camp by myself and we drove home all night, just because I couldn't take another night! When I got home I felt just like you described, I was so grateful to be home!

My husband, who is a pastor, made a comment during a sermon soon afterwards that we took a camping vacation to just "have fun," but God had other, higher purposes in mind. Although we had a terrible time, it made us stronger as a family. I had to admit that it really did, and that helped me to be able to laugh about it. Hopefully you can do the same. :) {{hugs}}

mom26kidz said...

Bless all your hearts!! This sounds like a nightmare. I will be praying everyone is better and that your daughter's leg returns to normal! Let us know how she does!


Anonymous said...

Oh KATE. That just sounds so incredibly awful. I am SO sorry and I am worried about Abigail.


thewestiecrew said...

Oh Kate!

You poor thing! I love to camp, but we haven't braved it with the children yet. We did get everything we need to do it this fall, and we are excited. I hope we don't have the kind of nightmare you did, but with my crew you just never know! LOL! I have been meaning to tell you that I started to blog here a few weeks ago, and I just kept forgetting! Anyway, here I am! You posted your blog address on the WTM board before and I just remembered it! I hope you all have a peaceful day today in your own home!

Gayle (in AL)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, Kate. I will think of you next time my gaze finds the moon.

So sorry about your 'lovely' camping experience. I bet you weren't looking up at our moon much that night!

Warm wishes back to you and yours. :) ~ Sarah