Saturday, July 09, 2005

Some things in life are just painful.

This week has been a difficult one for me. I found out two of my best friends were moving to the other side of the world from me. They are really only moving to Tennessee, but you know, when you live in California and your van doesn't run that well, that is the other side of the world. When I found out I just couldn't stop the tears. These families are beyond precious to us and while I firmly and faithfully believe in the sovereignty of our God, I just wish He'd had other plans.


There are people in the world that touch your heart and life in a way that others just cannot. These are two families who are just that to us. There is little time left with them before they go, and we will try to make the most of it. For those of you in Tennessee who will be receiving them, take good care of them, you little know what you are getting.





You are going to make me bawl my head off. Stop that! Good think Jen Ig is in Denver right now and not online or she'd be tearing up. You have NO idea how much I will miss you. Out of all of our Calif friends, your family has meant the most to us and for the longest time. When we went thru hell or when we have gone through absolute joy....you have been there. Never have you allowed cross words or misunderstandings or ANYTHING divide us. You are the truest of the true and I count it a privilege to be counted as one of your closest friends. After my family, you are my best friend in this world.

Love you, and we'll be back. (Paul insists on it)


BelovedLamb said...

I've been in a funk since finding out too - and I've never actually met any of you! :( I just hope I can meet Gena & Jen in their skin ;) before they go!

I've usually been the one to leave (many times during our ministry years) -- it feels sort of strange to be left behind.

Donnabooshay said...

Oh Kate,

I'm so sorry your friends are moving.

I'm very familiar with this brand of 'suffering'.

May God comfort you,


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your're suffering and I've been so out of touch with you guys to not have known and to have shared somehow. I hope to see you all soon. I guess Amanda will on your anniversary. We love you all so. Me

Anonymous said...

Oh ((((((Kate))))))

I'm so sorry. Hurting for you, Jo

KimInOn said...

I know what this is like. {{{hugs}}}

MelM said...

Kate, I say you should pack up and move up here by me. That'll show 'em! ;-P

HomesteadMama said...

I am so sorry you are hurting....I know you will miss the Ig's and Suarezs so! You can always move up here....it's soooooooooo pretttttttty! Come on up and we can hang out!!

Love and Hugs to you!


karenciavo said...

Dear Kate,

Friendships are so precious.

God's peace be with you.