Monday, July 25, 2005

Rarely do I get political here, but...

THIS bothers me to no end.


Jane Fonda Plans Anti-War Bus Tour


Now you can think what you like about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so can she, but you know what? She caused so *many* people such pain and suffering from her loud mouth during the Vietnam war, why does she have to start up again? SHUT UP, Jane Fonda - stop hurting people! I am sorry if my words hurt your ears, dear readers, but her presence in Vietnam only ended up devastating those in the prisons there - those suffering for their devotion to the U.S. and its choices. In my opinion, Jane Fonda does not deserve acclaim at all and should be ignored.


Jane has her own opinions on the war, but do we need to know them? I for one am supporting our brave troops and the courageous families left here at home to struggle through without their loved ones. I for one am supporting their sacrifices and am saying a great big




for all you have already sacrificed and for what you may in the future. You are appreciated here, and you will be prayed for more than you have been - and we will pray for your loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. May God preserve and keep you!







hsmom23 said...

too bad she isn't moving to Iraq. I don't think they would welcome her with open arms either.

nnjmom said...

I agree with you. My Dad served in Vietnam, and still has a hard time forgiving Ms. Fonda for her treachery. Now we will have another generation of soldiers dealing with the same thing.

Carrie K.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great post, Kate! I totally agree with you! My dad also served in Vietnam, and it is hard to imagine that she can even sleep at night, knowing she was the literal cause of so much torture and pain for our servicemen. She is one person that I have a very hard time forgiving and feeling any sort of Christian love for, even though she did say awhile back that she became a Christian. I have to think of Corrie ten Boom and her forgiveness of the guards at the concentration camps. Thanks for your support of our troops.

AFwife Claire

Anonymous said...

Well said, Kate! Janet

Laurie said...

My husband will soon be in Iraq and I appreciate hearing support for our troops. There is plenty of the opposite. It is too bad that negative gets more attention than positive i.e. bus tour. People think they know what is going on over there from tv. I know that when my husband goes I will watch as little as possible. But as one military man said we can either fight it over there now or wait 10 years and our children will be fighting it here.