Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm it apparently!

OK, I have been tagged multiple times for multiple questionnaires (or memes as you blog folks like to call them) and here are my answers! You people must think I have endless time on my hands!!    Here is the first one, a book meme:


Q: What is your absolute favorite book?
A: I would have to say the Bible for a non-fiction book and The Lord of the Rings for a fiction one. I just love Tolkien! A close rival second is almost anything by Jane Austen. I have an almost feverish appreciation for any 18th or 19th century literature!


Q: What is your favorite book to have read to you?
A: Well, no one reads to me except my littles and there is nothing like hearing a new reader getting out those first tough words! It is precious and my John Henry is beginning to really pick it up. What a delight to me!  My other favorite is when my oldest girls read the Bible and manage the tough names and places or when they place emphasis on the right words to impart the meaning behind it. I love that! I also love book tapes in the car on long trips read by polished readers with good voices and suspenseful music!


Q: Have you ever started writing a book and not finished?
A: Yes.


Q: If so, what was it about?
A: Daughters.


Q: Today, if you were to write a book (assuming you had the time), what would it be about? (If you’ve already written a book, what do you dream of writing about one day?)
A: I may try to finish the book someday, but I don’t feel I have the right information to convey what I want to convey. I am too early in my journey with them to be able to communicate what I really want to. Time will tell!


And here is the second questionnaire:


Five Things I Miss from My Childhood:


1. I miss the feeling of freedom that comes with childhood. While I am glad to have put childish ways behind me, it was truly nice not to have the pressures of adulthood. I just wish I had known it at the time!


2. I miss bike riding. I know that sounds odd, but I do! I loved to ride my bike and just think about life. I no longer have a bike and I look forward to the days that I will again have one and the times we will be able to ride as a family.


3. Spending the night with my grandparents, snuggling up with my grandpa while watching Lawrence Welk and eating snacks with whole milk. I loved it there; it was a safe place with people I knew that loved me for me.


4. Acting in my high school plays. I always loved to act and it was absolutely pure fun for me to do it.


5. Family meals at my grandparents – St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a dinner after school during the week. My grandpa was the best cook that ever lived and he could cook a roast like no one else. The times I had as a young person sitting there taking in all that the adults said around me while digging into the best sorts of food, there was nothing like it. I think now what an impact those times had on me and how much I really took in from their conversations! The fellowship with my special aunt was also something I will never forget. She is still my special aunt and is like another mother to me. What a blessing it is to have family.


6. OK, I have to add one more, late night talks with my mom. She would force herself to stay awake, well, sort-of awake, and listen to me ramble about my day or my problems. She was a treasure to me, and may never know how important those talks were. She still is a treasure to me.


And that's a wrap folks!






LoneStarMama said...

Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I enjoyed reading your blog : )

juliepersons said...

such sweet tag questions, love your answers! Julie

Anonymous said...

Reading your post about your grandparents brought a smile to my face as I remembered Saturday night, Lawrence Welk and hot popcorn with my grandparents. My son sent me your blog - I am so glad he did!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, that's just because you got a lead role and I got a stupid minor part. Go ahead...rub it in, KATIE!