Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A camping we will go... a camping we will go!

Hi ho the derio a camping we will go. What is a derio? I am probably spelling it wrong, or it is not even a word at all - just a childhood mishmash of a word.

Regardless, that is where we will be from tomorrow at our earliest convenience, and our children's urging (), and home by Saturday night. We expect much frivolity, campfires, singing, swimming, and good conversation with some very good people. We really look forward to actually *being there* rather than packing to be there. Any campers out there know exactly what I am talking about.


Please pray for safetly for us if you think of it as well as for the Suarez family in their travels across the country to their new home. We will be roasting a marshmallow in their honor.




When you feel it, ya just gotta do it - dance!






gal51 said...

I love to camp, but here in the south it's just too hot right now! Camping is such a wonderful family activity ... :)

GogoMama said...

LOL. I think it's DAIRY-O. Reminds me of my daughter's rendition of The Star Spangled Banner -- "What's a donzer?" I thought she meant dancer. "No, a donzer. Like 'donzer Lee light' ".

Donnabooshay said...


I am wishing you a wonderful weekend camping.

Keeping busy is good :o)


BelovedLamb said...

Been thinking about you - hope you enjoy your camping trip! I'm heading up to Redding this weekend to visit family - and it's always at least 5 degrees hotter up there - ugh! Take care and have fun this weekend!

HomegrownHearts said...

You know how I love these things. So I go off to find the 'correct' spelling of your derio (didn't find it spelled that way anywhere, by the way, LOL). I found derry-o and dairy-o. And of course there is "The Farmer in the Dell" set to the same tune and also having the dairy-o line. I found many interesting things, like speculation on why in "The Farmer in the Dell", the cheese stands alone. (Cheese is smelly was the assumption made.) I also found reference to several cartoons and shows who have either had the song "A-hunting We Will Go" in them or had an episode named that. And there are a lot of uses of the line in various web documents having nothing to do with the actual song, but more in relation to looking for something. I also learned that the tagging on of "A" to the beginnings of words, as in "A-Hunting", died out in the 18th century. And while there are apparently 5 verses to "A-Hunting We Will Go", "Farmer in the Dell" has 10 and an associated circle game to be played by a group, I assume a large one. This is quite different from the game I found associated with "A-Hunting We Will Go".

But to get back to the original issue, I always thought it was dairy-o, probably because of "The Farmer in the Dell". Surely he was a dairy farmer?

I'll leave you to ponder that...