Monday, July 11, 2005

13 amazing years ago today...

was married in front of God and family - made a covenant with my
beloved forever - and pledged my life, my heart, and my devotion to
Mark Kessler. Marriage is no light commitment to me and I have taken it
seriously ever since. We both came from broken homes and that made it
all the more real - this is forever no matter what may come to us.
There have been hard times, there have been painful foolish mistakes
that we have both made, and we have hurt each other by our harshness
and sinful behavior. However! There have been marvelous times, amazing
times, beautiful God-parted-the-clouds times! There have been five
beautiful, healthy babies born into this marriage, and a family life
that I could never have imagined this day thirteen years ago.

There have been blessings overflowing and with our King and Savior at
the head and by His grace, there will be many more years of tears,
sorrow, pain, joy, peace, and contentment. Today, of all days, on this
our anniversary, I will say to the blog world, to my God, and to my
husband who will read this, thank you, Jesus, for the blessing of my
husband!  Thank you, Jesus, for my children's father!
Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of my best friend!

I love you, Mark Kessler!  Happy Anniversary!


takingthechallenge said...

Congratulations on 13 years and on your commitment! Marriage is definitely work, but it is soooo worth it! We just celebrated our 25th this year and I, like you, thank God for He is the glue, the foundation, our everything!

Blessings to you and your honey and prayers for many more wonderful years together!

MelM said...

Wishing all the blessings you can handle. Happy anniversary, y'all.

Love ya!

Donnabooshay said...

Your post is a lovely testiment to your husband, marriage and God.

It is beautifully written.

Happy Anniversary!



BelovedLamb said...

What a beautiful tribute! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!

sparrow said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

He truly does "make all things new"... God bless you as you continue your lives together!

nnjmom said...

Happy Anniversary! God is so good -- you are very blessed.

Babs said...

May many more blessings come your way through your marriage and your family.

Cornflower said...


I Love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I want to give you a card!

Have a fun at the movies!


Anonymous said...

Only 8 days late! In my family, that's doing pretty well :)

Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the love.


trina said...

God richly bless you, your husband and your children! Whohoooo!