Monday, June 27, 2005

Tidiness and Reforming Minds

have been living in what feels like a never ending sea of
papers/books/cardboard and disorganization. Not because I have a desire
to live like this, but because I have been SO very busy that shoving
items in the school bookshelf (and elsehwhere!) seemed like the good
answer to the question of eating on a clean table. There is almost an
euphoric response to cleanliness for me because with five children,
homeschooling, running a house, and working from home - things tend to
get pretty darn messy at times. As my dear friend Kolbi says, "I don't
know how you do it, Kate!" Well, guess what, I don't do it all!
Something gives when I am busy with something else. I can be in many
places, but not all at once! We have begun the process of organizing
and the school bookshelf always comes first. It is highly motivating to
me and gives me that joy for homeschooling that I loose when things are
everywhere and hard to find. I am happy to be starting a new year in
the fall and we are using the summer to catch up on the areas that were
lacking during the year.

Today was a ~GOOD~ day! We had a marvelous day of school that began with Michaelangelo and ended on the verge of Martin Luther. I am excited to be learning about the Reformation! We are almost done with the Hawk that Dare Not Hunt by Day
and it is really a great story on Tyndale. He was such a powerhouse for
God's word! It is inspiring to read about him and to see his utter
devotion to the truth going forth in the language of the people. What
an experience that must have been at the time. We SO take for granted
our bibles. We have many here, in many translations, story formats, and
study books, but do we have the hunger for God's word that Tyndale had,
or the hunger of the masses who only ever heard it in Latin from their
priests? What must it have been like to live during this time?! Tumult,
war, rebellion, fear of discovery, and victory over the darkness of the
Catholic faith of the time – what it must have been like! I almost envy
them - even in the midst of all their sickness, poverty, and lack of
quality medical care (not to mention electricity!) Would that we could
fly back in time to see what it was really like in the midst of the
various stages of the Reformation!

OK - well I would love to write more, but motherhood is calling my name and I must heed the call!



Anonymous said...

You just think I'm kidding... but I truly don't know how you do it!!! :) Just you and your Precious Darlings.... :)


Babs said...

Something HAS to give when we are busy in other areas. There is no way to do it all and do it all correctly (or neatly). Organizing the shelves is always where I start, too; I find the transition from one year to the next much easier.

The Reformation is fascinating . . . I can't wait to study it again (this time with the kids).

sparrow said...

Sounds thrilling! Can I come to one of your history lessons? ;)

christinemiller said...

Wow, Kate, I didn't know you were going through Reformation history right now ... with Story of the Renaissance and Reformation no less! When you get to the end, I would love to hear what your children thought of it and what stuck most in their minds (although I think I always learned the most in our history studies!) Thank you for your comment on my blog this morning, you are a blessing and an encouragement to a lot of people!

Love, Christine

Babs said...

You've just been tagged! Come see to get your questions and continue the game.

JenIG said...

tidiness is hard for me... we've been trying to train our kids to keep things picked up but it is hard for them to learn because they have no example to follow! I always feel better in a tidy house. And by the way, your house was QUITE tidy Friday night. It was as lovely as a Pissarro, no... Manet, er Monet... actually it was more like a Cassatt. Yes, for sure, a Cassatt. Warm and defined and welcoming to look at and be in.

love you!


wrose said...

This is a different one from the one Babs did. Come to my July 4 blog entry at http://www.wrose.blogspot.com for the particulars. I hope you're game, because I'd love to see your answers!


galcticblogger said...

Hello Mrs. Kesller. I finaly got my first blog!

karenciavo said...

We learned so much from our reformation study. We used Story of the Renaissance and Reformation along with other books. Silly me thought the reformation started with Martin Luther, now I know better (and so do my boys.)

As far as organizing goes, weelll (said in my best Lucy voice) :-)