Friday, June 10, 2005

Sweet, Darling, and Ticklish!

That describes my four year old, Elizabeth. You can see her here
and read something of her funny personality from another sweet girl,
Coie. Isn't it wonderful to have good examples of kind behavior towards
your children from those beautiful people in your life? I am blessed in
so many ways by our friendship with the Igs. What a lovely family!!



JenIG said...

and we feel SOOOOOO unbelievably blessed to have you guys in our lives!

bondservant4jc said...

Your daughter is adorable--remind me, how many do you and Mark have?


underthesky said...

And thanks for the kind words! :) Kate

RosesareRed said...

you have to go to my blog to read the questions, answer them and then tag 5 other people ....