Friday, June 10, 2005

Phantom and Good Reads

my dear husband and I watched the much-talked about Phantom of the
Opera movie last night. Now I didn't know the entire story, and I
usually really enjoy big productions and costume dramas. I was very ho
hum over this. The singing was OK, the acting was OK, the costumes were
fantastic, and the sets and overall feel of the film was very
beautiful. I really didn't realize that it was highly sensual and
pretty charged in this manner. It was a little much for me. I
appreciate *much* more subtle behavior in this area. (Give me Pride and
Prejudice any day over this!) There was one very lovely scene on the
roof when Christine and the man she loves are singing to each other. It
is not *charged* but subtle and a beautiful expression of new love.
However, there was a lot of "other" that I really didn't care for. I
was relieved when the movie was over. I know that many people really
really LOVE the Phantom and I just cannot figure it out. Maybe someone
out there can share why/what they enjoy so much about it?

I just
finished reading two books in the Maritime Series from Veritas Press.
They are mainly for boys, but my girls will enjoy them too. The first
Blackthorn Winter and the second is Susan Creek.
I liked them for the very rough and tumble stories of sea life and
fighting with pirates, as well as the Scripture placed throughout.
There are some tough decisions some of the characters must make about
taking lives in defense of their own persons. I thought they were
balanced and written in the spirit of the time in which they are set
(pre-American Revolution and during the Great Awakening for the
second). If you are a believer in non-resistance you will not like
these books. I did like them and found the stories suspenseful and able
to keep this very tired mom up late at night to see how they ended! I
think Douglas Wilson, the author, is planning to continue the series
and I hope he does.

I am
watching four children in addition to my own today and tonight so I
should probably not continue to blog! I hope you all have a wonderful




KimInOn said...

My daughter wants to see this. Would it be too much for an almost sixteen year old?

underthesky said...

I would not let my daughters see it for several reasons. It really is very sensual and there is a lot of lusty type behavior towards a very unprotected young woman. I also felt that it was very unnatural "love" and really not love at all, but rather lust that the Phantom had. I think that was what was so irksome to me. It is completely understandable considering his upbringing, but it was still very skewed and disturbing. I would say that if you really wanted to make sure that you should see it first, but I would not allow my young potentially-influenced-by-romance/passionate-behavior daughters to see it until they really understand what is behind said behavior. :+) I sure hope that makes sense. My dds are young so it is not an issue and I would have to explain A LOT, but at 16 things are pretty different from age 10.



JenIG said...

you have to go to my blog to read the questions, answer them and then tag 5 other people ....