Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Love this poem

I post this below with a nod of thanks to Rivendell Press. She just posted it, but it is too lovely not to repost!

Sweet and low, sweet and low,
Wind of the western sea,
Low, low, breathe and blow,
Wind of the western sea,
Over the rolling waters go,
Come from the dying moon, and blow,
Blow him again to me;
While my little one, while my pretty one, sleeps.

Sleep and rest, sleep and rest,
Father will come to thee soon;
Rest, rest, on mother's breast,
Father will come to thee soon.
Father will come to his babe in the nest,
Silver sails all out of the west
Under the silver moon.
Sleep, my little one, sleep my pretty one, sleep.

~ Alfred Tennyson

Mia, this reminds me of you.




I had a nursery songs tape when I was pregnant with Beavie, and there was a song with most of those lyrics...I listened to it over and over with my first two kids...we loved it.


MiddleEarthMom said...

Dear Kate:

How perceptive you are! That is lovely. Of course, I adore Tennyson, anyway, though he is much maligned in this current age. His poem "Crossing the Bar" is wonderful, too. Sort of on the same theme. Have you seen it? "

Doesn't this remind you of the "Into the West" song from The Return of the King? I am sure this is not accidental, for the whole idea of the mysterious West where wonders and healing await is a common thread in the Arthurian tales and both Tennyson and Tolkien were immersed in that legend. Remember that Arthur was supposed to have sailed into the west to the island of Avalon and be healed of his wounds and await his return to England in her time of need.

But the sea has that effect on me anyway-- making me feel homesick for heaven, as it were. I am not talking about the gaudy day beach scene. But my favorite place to be is on a seashore, alone, in the starshine and moonlight.yet, it makes me want to weep as well, listening to those sweet sea voices and the soft wind and the echoes of flying gulls. Once I was there and saw blue, luminous jelly fish floating in the surf near the shore, their bodies transformed by moonlight to the most spectacular of creatures. If that is not magic-- in the purest, most holy sense-- I don't know what is.

underthesky said...

That is exactly why it reminded me of you - Into the West.

Ahh, if we only lived closer, what wonderful conversations we could have by the starshine.