Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just keep swimming!

started swimming lessons this week which will last for nine days total.
This was a much anticipated event by all four of my eldest children
ever since last year's lessons ended! Sweet little Elizabeth couldn't
wait until she was four so that she could participate with her
siblings. On her birthday last September she announced that she was
four and that she was ready for swimming lessons - that day. 
just do not make em like four at any other age and she is so very funny
and delightful to us. She is about as contented in the water as a fish
and as willing to submerge herself too - which is slightly scary. It is
a good thing there are two teachers for the four students in the class.
John Henry, our single mancub, was dubious about the whole thing until
he actually got in the water and remembered how fun it is. Now he
cannot wait until "Friday Funday" so that they can go down the tube
slide. What a funny character he is!

and Hannah are happily in the deep end learning how to swim like
competition would require as well as how to dive well. I am very
pleased with their exuberance and abilities. Not that we are headed
into the world of competition, no thank you! However, it is so nice to
know they are being taught well and that I will not have to fear (much)
when they are in the water. I think in California it is almost a
requirement to be able to swim well the opportunity presents itself so

So we
are heading to our library's summer reading program because it is just
so motivational and exciting. Our library offers real prizes of actual
worth if you read for a measly 20 minutes per day! I am almost tempted
to go to our other library and join their club too, but something tells
me that is overkill and probably disingenuous. They are wildly excited
to go so I had best get off this computer and go do my real job of
being the mama.

Have a lovely day!





Oh, i can just SEE Elizabeth swimming....especially if she swims like she runs (adorable rag doll)....LOL. It's got to be a delight! I just love your children...they are all so special and lovely.


KimInOn said...

Getting your kids involved in things over the summer. I feel so tired and unmotivated still. I hope I can get going again after my daughter is done her music exam.