Friday, June 03, 2005

Isn't it amazing

a little shove off the blogging cliff will get you started on talking
about almost nothing? Mrs. Ig. gave me a good shove and here I am. Not
that I have much to say today; especially because I have yet to have my
daily dose of dark french roast (and I even have real cream to go with
it today!) I have been underwater with work this week watching
deadlines pass by waving at me smiling their snarky smiles. I will catch up to them though and they will regret their snarkiness. 

Coming home from Florida has given me a renewed sense of purpose and a
better idea of how I want my homeschool to be different this year. I
will be incorporating some new things that go against my nature. I now
own The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook, from  Tobin's Lab.
If you had asked me even a month ago if I would ever do lap books I
would have said absolutely not. Too much work, too much time, too
detailed, and < sounding aghast  > too hands-on! But are
they really? Now I am not a *totally* boring mom; we do hands-on
projects, but nothing like a lap book. After all, we are bound and
determined to get through our math book this year come high water or
summer weather! (We school year-round to avoid the stress of "we must do school no matter WHAT" that
does not work well here.) So to see this book and be so attracted to it
was sort of surprising to me. See what homeschooling conventions do?!
They modify your preconceived notions of what your homeschooling should
be like! Yikes! So now I find myself asking the children questions
like, "What would you like to study in depth? What would you like to do
as a presentation to the group?" and all the while thinking how we can
create a giant lap book out of our new colored poster board! I am
excited to see what we will do that is out of our "norm" this year.
What will you be doing differently?

Always learning,



That lapbooking sounds neat. I shall come over and see your book. Care to make some wine chicken any time soon? lajdfl;jdasf

karenciavo said...

You will love lap booking Kate. Really. Oh, and if you are doing a lap book on flowers let me know. I've read on someone's blog recently that she has an abundance for tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Seems some crazy friend of hers talked her into buying the stuff at a home school convention. ;-D

What are we doing new? Hmm, I guess we are drifting away from neo-classical education to a more greek approach. I'm still not exactly sure what this looks like 8-/. I think we can sneak a lap book in somewhere.


underthesky said...

are you blogging? PLEASE start again! I have not been able to glean from your home harvest in a long time. I would love to know what you mean by "drifting away from neo-classical education to a more greek approach."

Yes, I am the guilty party with regards to <gasp> tissue paper flowers! HA!


Craftily speading the tissue paper love,


JenIG said...

there now, that weren't too hard-like were it? I done liked readin' yer blog today; so i thank ye kindly. twere right neighborlie of you to post at my command/demands/death threats.

now come pick up all this here tissue paper and help me mail it off to karen....

KeepingtheHome said...

It was good for me to run into fellow blogger Cindy Rushton, http://www.cindyrushton.com , at an online women's conference where she was a speaker. She introduced me (and everyone listening) to "notebooking," and embracing practical skills as well as academic skills. I'm going to her seminar in a week in Northern Alabama to learn more. That's what I'm doing different!

spunkyhomeschool said...

Your blog looks great and it's going to fun to get to know you a bit.