Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ice Cream Smiles and Faithful Remembrances

had just returned from swimming in a kind neighbor's pool and I was in
the midst of scooping rainbow sherbet for my children when I thought
about this. What an amazing life I have. What beautiful glorious
thankful children I have. The simple blessings of ice cream on a cone
can get them so excited. How can this life of blessing be mine? I know
there are days when I live in anxious anticipation for bedtime, but not
yesterday. The happy smiles and the grateful gushing, "Thank you!" from
each of them as they happily danced to the backyard with their cones
does not happen every day, but when it does it is precious.

How much
we as mothers enjoy making our children smile! It makes me want to
dance in the kitchen with my cone too. There is so much pleasure in
making them happy. I know life is not all about making people happy for
happiness' sake, but it can be a gift to the giver too. How much joy
must our Savior have in His provision of His children? I know that my
Savior provides. Sometimes, like my children, I do not trust that He
will "come through" for us. But then I am shamed by remembering the
past. How like the Israelites of old I am! Having watched God provide
for them safety and provision - over and over - yet they were afraid to
walk into their inheritance because there were giants in the land. "How
can we fight them?" they would cry to Moses, "You should have left us
in Egypt!"  Hadn't these same people seen Him part the Red Sea?!
Remember God's works in time past!

I am
like these faithless people all too often. Forgetting to keep the
faith; forgetting His works of wonder, not just in the ancient times,
but in my own life. Today though, I will not forget His faithfulness to
me, to my family, to my friends. Today, I will see the grateful smiles
as I bring out the ice cream again and remember when God gifted a cone
to me.





Thanks for the perspective today. We are so blessed, and God is truly kind.


KeepingtheHome said...

What a great post! I needed that, especially "remember God's help in the past." Send me one of those cones, please. It's a hot one here on the Gulf Coast today.

JenIG said...

This was really lovely. You are a truly gifted writer. Thanks for posting this today.


Anne said...

It really is the simple things, isn't it? God is so good!

Anonymous said...

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