Thursday, June 16, 2005

Crime Fightin'

were up late last night, but for fun reasons. My husband and I like
movies and while we rarely go to them in the theater, we do enjoy the
big screen a great deal when we can get it.
Our sweet friends, the Igs, came over and generously took us to see
Batman Begins. (Thank you, Igs!)  Now I didn't think I would care
much for this movie -  I mean the other Batman movies were less
than stellar, and much more comic bookish. This is no movie for young
children though, and there are definite dark parts of his life. Fear
and conquering fear is a big theme and a very interesting one. This one
had a decent story and the acting was, for the most part, quite good.
Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman, all very talented
men, held up their end of the bargin and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. So
if you like "that sort of movie" and you want to see some good action
scenes with great special effects, and some very cool gadets, you will
enjoy Batman Begins.
I sure did.



3FoldChord said...

Morgan Freeman is GREAT!

And I am so glad people here actually LIKE movies and not everyone thinks ALL TV and Movies are purely of the devil. I like movies (but hate movie theaters,LOL)

I want to see this one.

underthesky said...

We watch some TV and we really love movies! I mean we are selective, but we really do love to watch movies. :+)


bondservant4jc said...

I don't know what the last "grown up" movie was that we saw in the theater. Actually I do, it was "The Passion"....our new favorite movie is "Napolian Dynamite" ----what a crack up!!!

Alright gotta go finish my cage fighter training---


Mary said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I actually didn't read it until now....don't know how I missed it.

I really haven't had a desire to see the new Batman movie, but your review made me want to. :) Thanks! :)



JenIG said...

I think that when we go to FPEA next year we should don our own Super-Schooling High Octane Bullet Proof outfits. Actually, we'd only need bullet proof outfits if we were going to a public school convention. I guess I'll stick with my standard Homeschool Convention fashion wear: bright pink leather mini skirt with matching stillettos and a sequin tube top that matches my sparkly silver eyeshadow.

aslan said...

Now I know why so many HSers wear denim jumpers....to cover up their neon go-go dancer outfits!

Watch what happens the next time you see an HS mommy go to a phone booth in a curriculum swap meet. Simply stunning.

Well at least that happens in Florida apparently :)