Tuesday, June 21, 2005

As a Student of History...

I just love odd items of in the historical realm. This would be one of them. I happened onto the fine internet home of Pyromaniac, otherwise known as Phil Johnson (*not* to be confused with Phil E. Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial
for those in the know). He is the Executive Director of Grace to You,
the John MacArthur radio ministry. I look forward to reading his blog
since he seems like an interesting person with some serious theological
brains *and* a sense of humor to boot.
That is always welcome here at Under the Sky. His post of interest is found here. You will have to scroll down a wee bit to find it, but it is listed as You say "Cappuccino"; I say "Capuchini". This is a vain attempt to loop all us caffeine-dependent
morning bloggers to read a history post disguised as a coffee post. He
plays tricksies, precious! It worked, but that was not terribly
difficult for me. I love history so I thought the news of the odd (and
it is odd for certain) was great. Check it out and tell me what you

Enjoy your cappuccinos today! (Cheshire grin...)



KimInOn said...

I saw your post on TWTM about RC Sr. having a blog. I don't where I read it, but I thought I read somewhere that he has never really even used the internet before. If I'm wrong, and he does indeed have a blog, and you find it, let me know. I'm reading the book Grace Unknown right now, and it's excellent.

Anonymous said...

Kate, That is where we catch the ferry to go to my MIL's house. Great article. I've printed out his stuff for late night reading.


JenIG said...

I shall read it and be back to report shortly.

JenIG said...

That was oddly disgustingly facsinating. It was like a train wreck. I couldn't stop reading. Where DO you find these things, my friend? I wish that guy would start a blog here. WHAT a strangely interesting fellow.

sparrow said...

I was distracted at first by all the coffee talk; brown robes; beautiful brown color of the coffee I have yet to make this morning; creamy, just a hint of sugar, brown coffee that I really, really want right now.....

until I reached the pictures, and the descriptions, and more pictures. Good heavens!

Can you imagine spending that much time working on corpses? Then you would REALLY need a cup of coffee!

JenIG said...

ok, i'm ready for you to post something new now. and yes, everything *is* all about me so hurry up.

LeviSuarez said...

Mrs.Kessler i realy like it when i went to your house.

We just came back from a party.

I am so happy that i have you

on my friends list.

well, bye

your friend


LeviSuarez said...

Mrs. k I can not find it.

Can you PLEASE tell me.

Your friend,


TeaJay said...

Just dropping you a few lines to say hello! I really enjoyed my visit to your blog! It was strangely fascinating. I agree that it was like a train wreck, a part of you wants to stop but you just can't. Of course, I had to really crank my neck and get a good look; I clicked on the like for Rosalia. I was amazed by how lifelike while at the same time I was overcome by a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Thanks so much for sharing! =)

Blessings ~°~ TeaJay

LeviSuarez said...




Anonymous said...


I was away from the blogging scene for a couple of months, and am so glad you linked this from your old site. I'll update my link to your blog.

<a href="http://karinkydland.blogspot.com">Karin</a>

HappyApple said...

Lovely picture!!!

You've been tagged.

Go to my blog to get the questions (under "Tagged by T3) to post onto your blog then 'tag' 5 more people.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate. I too read and love Pyromaniac. I really wish he would allow annon. comments. I'm not a freak, really, I'm not, I just don't have my own blog. :) In fact, if I could reach the man he could help us find two long lost friends. I know my friend works closely with Phil. Anyway, blessings to you Kate and I hope you end up on his Blogspotting! Love Janet.