Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Prayer Request

I read a blog tonight that touched my heart and I am asking that you pray for this woman below. Sometimes we are in the midst of
a big struggle and we cannot see the other side - we cannot even see
the steps in front of us. This woman needs our prayers. Please pray for
Lynda Coats
today. May God work His miraculous wonders in her life - may He part
the Red Sea for her - and may she remember His faithfulness in times
past to help with the struggles of today. The blessing of blogs is that
we can lift up those we do not know at all, but we can touch the
heavens for our sisters on the net.

Praying with you,




One of your most wonderful gifts (and believe me, you have many) is God's gift to you of encouragement. Encouraging others. You understand that prayer is real and true and filled with purpose. You know that for the righteous it does not fall on deaf ears; our God hears you and responds to you. And you touch people with your loving empathy for others. I want you to know I am blessed to be your friend, and I have been encouraged by you countless times. A true friend is hard to find....I am blessed.


Academy252 said...

Praying here, too.